Fairy of the Woods

Watermarked 27Forest Fairy 1Watermarked 16 I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately (although if you check my Facebook page, I’ve posted a few bits and bobs, but not much), but I’ve been really uninspired to put words to the pictures that I have. I’ve got a camping trip, an outfit post, and a 4th of July day all photographed, but… ah, I don’t know what it is with words lately!

On Wednesday, I did a photoshoot with my friend Sarah– isn’t she gorgeous? We had a blast tramping around in the woods, pretending she was a forest fairy (or a Disney Princess– while we were shooting, a fawn came up within ten feet of her and just stared.)Watermarked 1Forest fairy 2Watermarked 3 I just love her; she has such a brilliant smile, and we are so goofy together! And she’s a great model, willing to get down and dirty just so we could get good pictures, haha! Forest Fairy 4 After this shoot, I just need to do more photography! I love taking pictures of people, whether they’re fairytale like this one, or real-life; I really don’t care. I just love capturing the essence of person or their life! Watermarked 5 Forest Fairy 5Watermarked 13   Ah, and I learn new things every time I do a session. Like this time, to take more pictures in partial sunlight even if it looks blown out on my camera. Because the above shot might be the best one, and I thought it was blown out so that’s the only shot I took in that light. Watermarked 8Forest Fairy 6 Watermarked 26 Overall, though, I’m so, so happy with how these turned out. I just knew I wanted it to be a fairy-like photoshoot, with lots of flowers on her head. I did her makeup, and had this vintage 1970’s dress lying around, and it all came together perfectly!Watermarked 12Forest Fairy 7

I’m really excited because I have another friend volunteering to be a mermaid next week and we’re going to do some photos down by/in the water near my house. Watermarked 6Watermarked 17Watermarked 15 Those three shots are my personal favorites. And of course, there’s more on my Storybook Photography Facebook page if you’d like to see all of them (because I am a snapaholic, haha!)

I hope you all had a good week! Happy Friday!

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