Be Mine



This is my second choice for today. My first choice was a red dress- of course, for Valentine’s day- but when I woke up this morning, I discovered a large white stain right in the front that won’t wash out. I hope it’s not bleach or something. SO this is my second choice.  I love yellow.

I’m  mad at my camera for brightening the color to white. ARGH.

Hearts! I forgot I had this bracelet.

I hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s day.

And if you’re depressed that you don’t have a date, cheer up!

At least God loves you, even if no one else will.

😀  😀  😀

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous Valentines Day outfit! You look so beautiful.

    So, I definitely started a story for last weeks photo, but didn’t get a chance to finish it. Writing and being a mom is hard work! If you manage to do both at the same time someday then major props to you my friend. Again, I shall try for this week, but don’t expect anything… maybe I’ll do a poem this time. I still want to finish last weeks story, it’s pretty intense so far.

    Have a beautiful day, and know that as imperfect as my love is, I do love you, my kindred spirit.


    • I wish the less-than-threes turned into hearts on wordpress. Oh well. Thank you!

      Feel free to take as long as you want to finish last week’s story. And know that I REALLY want to read it. Hurry. 😀 Hehe.

      I love you too!

  • I adore Valentines day!! Never had a man in my life, but I love it. Maybe that’s why. We don’t have all the pressure to go out and do something special. It’s just pink and red goodness and candied hearts and celebrating love. 🙂 I was ecstatic to go into work today because everyone there gets pretty festive and we all love holidays.

    Oh my goodness gracious… another photo that speaks to me. Can I do it? Will I set aside some leisure time to write another challenge? Dear me… IT’S SO CUTE!!! aaaaah!! What to doooo?

    Your outfit is adorable. Love the shoes! I wore a pink polo to work. 🙂 And ice cream earrings because it is my love. 😛

    • Sarah

      Ooooooh! Ice cream earrings! How fun!

      • I thought so!! Heheh.

        Mara… I have 726 words written. Why do you keep doing this to me? 😛

    • Me either, and I’ve always loved Valentine’s day. Used to be for the chocolate. Now, it’s just fun. I like romantical things. 😀

      Yes, you can do it! Hehe. You might as well, now that you have 726 words written.

      I want to see your earrings.

      • Yes, I suppose it would be silly not to do it now.

        I’ll try to work them into the fashion post. 😉

  • *sings like Pocahontas* Please don’t let it be to laaaaaaaate!!!!

    • *too late

      But as I was singing like a “Savage” I suppose bad grammar is less upsetting.

      • Hehehe, it’s not too late. So long as you submit it before I’ve done the WWC post, you’re good. You can even give me things all throughout Monday to add and it’s okay.

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