Oh, Purple

I don’t know why, but in all of my outfit pictures today, I look totally spaced out.

I even look tired/mindless in this one. And I’m not even looking at the camera!

Seriously. I look so sad. 

This one is the worst, though. I look completely worn out. 

Moral of the story: me trying to look chic, cool, and sexy turns out more like sad, tired, and thoughtless. (But I think it’s funny, don’t worry. :D)

Also, I tried Annebeth’s fun trick of flying skirt-ness, only I have stiletto heels on+a not very flowy skirt+not very much space or experience with movement pictures, so it ended up like this instead:

Do I even need to tell you that I failed? Only not so miserably, because I laugh at everything? Yeah. Fail.

So that’s me today. Spaced-out and falling over. Exciting, yes? It’s a good thing I wasn’t like that on Easter (I wore this same outfit, with different jewelry.)

And do I even have to say that I love these shoes? Because I do. I love them a lot. 

Outfit Details:
Dress, $6; Cardigan, $5; Belt, $0.99; Heels, $20; Jewelry, gift, and can’t remember.
Approximate outfit cost: $42

(The dress, cardigan, and belt (obviously, that one) are all from thrift stores.)

(Also, this cardigan is PURPLE. But most people think it’s blue from pictures. I don’t know why.)