Oh, Purple

I don’t know why, but in all of my outfit pictures today, I look totally spaced out.

I even look tired/mindless in this one. And I’m not even looking at the camera!

Seriously. I look so sad. 

This one is the worst, though. I look completely worn out. 

Moral of the story: me trying to look chic, cool, and sexy turns out more like sad, tired, and thoughtless. (But I think it’s funny, don’t worry. :D)

Also, I tried Annebeth’s fun trick of flying skirt-ness, only I have stiletto heels on+a not very flowy skirt+not very much space or experience with movement pictures, so it ended up like this instead:

Do I even need to tell you that I failed? Only not so miserably, because I laugh at everything? Yeah. Fail.

So that’s me today. Spaced-out and falling over. Exciting, yes? It’s a good thing I wasn’t like that on Easter (I wore this same outfit, with different jewelry.)

And do I even have to say that I love these shoes? Because I do. I love them a lot. 

Outfit Details:
Dress, $6; Cardigan, $5; Belt, $0.99; Heels, $20; Jewelry, gift, and can’t remember.
Approximate outfit cost: $42

(The dress, cardigan, and belt (obviously, that one) are all from thrift stores.)

(Also, this cardigan is PURPLE. But most people think it’s blue from pictures. I don’t know why.) 


  • Bethly

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!! 😀 😀 😀 HEHEHEHEH! I’m so gleefully… I’m just gleeful over this! Heheheh. I can’t stop giggling! I SO want to write something for this! *snicker* Oh boy… 😀

    And I did start something for last week! I have… two whole sentences and a general idea in my head. :/ Doesn’t really count for much, but I dooo want to finish it and have it done.

    Maybe a double entry this week? 😉 Maaaybe.

    • Mara

      I am gleeful because you are gleeful and it makes me laugh. 😀 And now, instead of working on My Beloved or today’s blog post, I really want to work on my WWC idea for this picture. Since it’s a short story, it won’t hurt me to work on it, right? Right. 😀

      (I’m totally replying to this comment AND one on your blog at the same time. Multitasking! Woo!!)

      Hey, two sentences is better than none at all! You can DO it! 😀 (Now. I command you. DO. IT. I mean, you totally don’t need sleep, and work won’t mind if you’re late, right?) 😀

  • Demy

    Hello hello!! Missed you yesterday, but it’s a good thing that you didn’t post, because I was drowning between piles and piles of Ancient Greek homework and that means that I would be late on commenting 😀

    So anyways, I really like this picture. It’s super gorgeous! If I was to write a story about this pic, I would write a horror-love story. It’s really beautiful and inspiring.

    Plus, you are TOO bad. These pics are pure perfection. DOn’t be so cruel! You look absolutely stunning and the colors suit you greatly! AND the pic with the flying skirt-ness is AWESOME!!!!!! You are amazing, girl! 😀

    YOU WROTE THREE PARAGRAPHS OF MY BELOVED?????????????? This is great! I mean, WOW! I’m looking forward to reading it and I’m sure that it will be awesome!

    Oh and I forgot to say that this small story you wrote is incredible. the 10000th time, I’m telling you that I LOVE your writing. I’m addicted! Really really addicted! (Btw, I also finished reading Rules of Deception! *SPEECHLESS*!!! You’re a goddess!!)

    • Mara

      Hello! Haha, well then. It’s good that I was late in my posting! And that means for you, there will be TWO posts today (although this post really was made yesterday on my time.) I don’t know about you, but Ancient Greek homework sounds really, really interesting to me!

      Yeah, I originally chose it because it made me laugh (oh man, if you click on it and go through that person’s picture archives, there are SO many cheesy romance novel covers!) but the more I look at it, the more I actually do like it. Also, it reminds me of Nancy Drew.

      Haha! I think it’s just that I know me, and I’m usually smiling (which I thought I WAS in those pictures until I looked at them), so I just look tired to me. 😀 But thank you. I really like that outfit. And purple. 😀

      Yes, I did! I’m very excited to have FINALLY gotten some of the first chapter revamped and I like it! Even though it’s sticking closer to the original first chapter, which I never liked.

      Aww, thank you! You’re making me want to just write all of my stories at once! But I have to focus. My goal today is to at least get the first section of My Beloved written. 😀

  • shreejacob

    Cheesy romance and the deadline is this coming Tuesday…sigh, my mind and creativity eloped and I’ve been having trouble even thinking or something imaginative 🙁 But that picture just begs a cheesy story doesn’t it??

    I thought the sweater was blue too! and the skirt looks like lavender!!

    • Mara

      Haha, it doesn’t HAVE to be a cheesy romance! It could be something totally different. That’s just my suggested genre. 😉

      Yeah, the sweater is purple– on the blue side, but still definitely purple– and the skirt.. well, yeah. The skirt is lavender. 😀

    • Mara

      Aww, thank you. I wish I had the motivation to finish it, I just don’t know where to go!

      Thank you! I’m excited to have gotten three paragraphs done. Now I just have to figure out a certain character that I never really got to know, because that character has more page-time in this version.