Still as sweet

I’m not usually one to be inspired by fashion blogs. I mean, I love reading them, and I’m always prompted to dress well when I see other people dress well, but before today, I’ve never seen an outfit and thought “Oh, I want to recreate that!”

So this outfit is special. It’s the first outfit I’ve put together inspired by someone else’s beautiful attire: Charlotte’s post today was so pretty I had to reinterpret it. I was wearing something completely different and not feeling it at all, and thank goodness I’d been browsing bloglovin’… because I like this so much better.

Also, thank goodness the weather has taken a turn for the rainier so I can wear tights. I’ve been wishing that it would get colder, since I read quite a few Australian fashion blogs… and they’re in winter right now. Which makes me jealous. I miss tights. So I was quite happy to wake up and find it raining this morning.

I know I had a reason for my blog title, but I thought of it while I was eating breakfast, and by the time I got dressed and took outfit pictures, the reason completely eluded me. Ah well.

 I wish I’d gotten a better shot of my hair today. I did little hairband-esque braids, and I really like the way it turned out.

I don’t know why the bottom of this picture is blurry. I wasn’t moving. The camera is just all sorts of wonky right now. The rechargeable batteries (new, I might add) won’t recharge, it doesn’t like to focus, it comes out blurry when I didn’t move… methinks the camera is getting old. I really should save up and buy my own camera. This one belongs to my mother.

And can we all just bask in the glory of my shoes? Because they are glorious. I’d forgotten I had them (my shoe shelves are hard to get into right now. Things I don’t wear all the time get shoved to the back and forgotten in the shadows). They’re actually quite comfortable– I wore them for a wedding I was in, and I think I lasted for most of the day before I took them off.

So I have decided that I really need to get back to eating healthy. My biggest problem has always been that I don’t eat breakfast; I usually wake up, down some coffee, and go about my day. And because I don’t eat breakfast, I usually just nibble here and there throughout the day, and the only real meal I eat is dinner. Which is not good for me.

Plus, ever since my sugar allergy was done away with, I’ve been eating too much sugar. Thus, today is the first day of getting  back to healthy eating. I’m going to try to photograph my breakfasts– since those are the meals I need to work on eating– and include them in my posts… and then I’ll try to photograph the rest of my meals and post them on twitter.

I’d also really like to reach my goal weight (142lbs), and while I’m not too concerned about losing weight, it would be nice to get there eventually. (Don’t worry. I’m not going for stick-thin, here. I just really, really want to fit into that vintage yellow-roses dress I found.) I have about ten pounds to lose. Give or take. I might lose five and decide that’s enough. Who knows? I’m not so picky about my weight so long as I stay below 150.

Anyway! Today, my breakfast was:

Oatmeal with all-natural (organic… no sugar added, once-you-try-this-you’ll-never-want-Jif/Skippy-again) peanut-butter, milk, and honey. I wasn’t quite sure how this would turn out, but by GOLLY it was good. And the “one serving” portion was definitely way too much for me. I ate about half of this. (Exacts: 2 tablespoons peanut butter, one tablespoon honey, 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup milk). And it was so quick to make that I’ll be able to eat it before work (when I get up at 6am), and so easy to make that I can take the ingredients to work and make it there (when I get up at 2:45am).

So yes. This breakfast is definitely a keeper on my list. And I’m not a breakfast person.

And now that I have run out of things to say, I’m off to the library!

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!

Details: Shirt, too old to remember; tights, stolen from my mother; shoes($22.80), Forever 21; Skirt($12.97) and belt ($0.99), thrifted (but the skirt is Forever 21); necklace, gift.
Approximate outfit cost: $36.76