… and that’s when I decided to pretend harder.

Today has been a day full of interesting things. And when I say “interesting,” what I really mean is “weird.” And also “irritating.” And also “slightly creepy.”

I have decided that from now on, I am going to wear a wedding ring to work. Because apparently, a customer that I have only seen twice has been asking after me every time he comes around. And I find that slightly… creeperish. Especially considering he’s only seen me twice.

So from now on, it’s official. I’m engaged. His name is Toby (surprised?), he’s a trillionaire, he owns a castle, and secretly he’s a superhero who can fly.

I think I should probably think through this backstory a little more.

Can we just pause right here and so I can say how much I love this skirt? Even though it pops open whenever I squat to pick things up, and could possibly one day create an incredibly awkward situation? Because I love this skirt. Other than the whole popping-open thing, it’s perfect.

Can we also pause to rejoice that tomorrow ends my six-day work week?

And while we’re paused, can we curse the customers who make me waste three shots of espresso and then don’t even tip me?

A piece of advice: Don’t ever get on the bad side of food and drink servers. They have the ability to do things like spit in your food or overcharge you without your noticing.

Not that I’d ever do that. I love my job too much to pull a stupid stunt like that.

But I’d pretend I did. Just to feel better.

Don’t tell any one, but this shirt was a pajama shirt. And yes, I have slept in it. (SHUSH. Don’t judge me! At least I don’t traipse around in flannel dog-printed pajama pants.)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make an appetizer.  (Or rather, decide what appetizer to make, go buy ingredients, and then assemble it.)

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful Friday!

I’m glad none of you can see how long I paused to think of what day it was.

Details: Shirt ($6) and shoes(n/a), Target; Skirt($2.50), thrifted; belt, came with a dress; flower, was on a gift bag.
Approximate outfit cost: $8.50


    • Mara

      I’ve always been leery of buses. The first time I ever rode one, a huge (and I mean…huge as in tall and hefty) drunk Indian man got on and started swearing at all of the white girls on the bus and calling us white trash. He sat across the aisle from me. I was terrified. (I was also very young.)
      So yes, if I had to ride the bus, I would definitely wear a ring!

  • Linda

    I was stunned when my husband just told me it was Friday! I had no idea at all. My daughter worked at Wal Mart third shift and it scared me to death when she told me about the creeps who were hitting on her. Love your shoes. I wonder if you could put a strip of velcro down the front instead of having it fasten where the buttons are. Maybe you could get about another half an inch’s worth of room. You would have fake buttons. Hope that makes sense.

    • Mara

      Hahaha! Join the club. I frequently forget which day of the week it is, especially when I get really busy.
      I don’t think velcro would help;that would just be worse. The reason it’s popping isn’t that the buttons are bad, it’s just a bit tight on me. 😀 Sooo yeah. Velcro wouldn’t really work.

  • Snigdha

    Mara! Gorgeous outfit!
    And yes, work through the backstory a little more 😉 Make Toby a wizard who could ‘Reducto’ the creep 😛

    Amazing dress 🙂

  • Demy

    HAHAH!!! Naaah, you shouldn’t change the backstory, it’s really good. This creeper will buy it for sure lol 😛 I think you should wear a fake wedding ring though, it’s a good solution! Every time someone hits on you, you’re gonna show him the ring and tell them about Toby 😀
    I rememeber when you told this shirt was actually a pajama shirt (!), but I think it was not meant to be a pajama shirt. It’s too beautiful and it has not dogs, owls, sheep, moons etc on it, so what kind of pajama is it, right? Yeah, I knew you’d understand 😛 It’s nice though, and the skirt is AWWWW soooo prettyyy!!! The whole look is pretty actually. Love the navy vibe! You roooock 😀
    Have a nice Saturday! I bet you’re sleeping right now, so yeah, sweet dreams 😀 Byyyeee!!!
    P.S. There’s a chance I’ll be a little late on commenting these days, because my laptop broke down and I comment from an internet cafe right now 🙁

    • Mara

      lol. Yeah. I’m sure he will. 😀 I’m definitely going to wear a fake wedding ring, though!

      I know, right? It’s so pretty! I wish they’d had more colors in my size. There was a mint-green one, and a grey one.

      haha, I definitely was sleeping!
      Aww, sad! I hope your laptop gets fixed soon!

  • Holly

    I like the shoes too to be honest… I have ‘lep sleps’ in all varieties – that’s what I call them. Long story but true!

    • Mara

      ‘lep sleps’? Why do you call them that? But yes, I have quite a few flat shoes! Especially now that I have to stand all the time for work.

  • Jennifer

    Love the outfit, hate the story of the creeper. UGH!

    I have a cubic-zirconian ring I bought for going out. That way it is very apparent that there is something on my finger. Creepers are creepers and this seems to keep me a little safer when out for drinks and dinner.

    Best of luck on keeping yours at bay. Some guys think because you smile and say “hi” that you are flirting and that gives them the right to move in. I am so sorry this.

    However, Toby sounds awesome! 🙂

    Also, that shirt is WAY too adorable for sleeping. I have seen some that I love as well, and might just get them now.

    • Mara

      Haha, yeah…I’m… not really used to it, but used to it. It happens. And it’s things like these that make me very thankful for the security cameras inside and outside the shop!
      They definitely do. Oh well. Such is life!

      Go us and wearing shirts as day shirts when they’re meant for sleeping! 😀 Nobody would ever know if I didn’t say anything.

  • Whoa

    Awwww – congratulations on your engagement!
    I’m so pretend-happy for you! 😀

    (I once worked in a bar, when I was married. When I became ‘no longer married’, the owner of the bar actually asked if he could put up on the outside billboard – where we announced which bands were playing – that I was now ‘AVAILABLE’. Ummmm …. Nooooo??!!!!!!!???)

    Sleepwear is so soft and lovely and sometimes ideal for post-sleep. Wear it with pride.

  • midnitechef

    Couldn’t you sew the front ot the skirt so it doesn’t pop open at a bad time? So long as you don’t need to open the buttons to get in/out of it!

    • Mara

      That’s the problem– because it’s so form-fitting, the only way to get in and out of it is to unbutton it. The waist is far too small to fit over my hips without being unbuttoned! Right now my solution is to safety pin the danger points once I’m in the skirt. 😀

  • Jamie Rose

    I love the mix of your striped top and those cute leopard print flats. And that skirt is awesome too! Too bad it keeps popping open! Sorry to hear about your work creeper. You could always take it as a compliment! 🙂