… and that’s when I decided to pretend harder.

Today has been a day full of interesting things. And when I say “interesting,” what I really mean is “weird.” And also “irritating.” And also “slightly creepy.”

I have decided that from now on, I am going to wear a wedding ring to work. Because apparently, a customer that I have only seen twice has been asking after me every time he comes around. And I find that slightly… creeperish. Especially considering he’s only seen me twice.

So from now on, it’s official. I’m engaged. His name is Toby (surprised?), he’s a trillionaire, he owns a castle, and secretly he’s a superhero who can fly.

I think I should probably think through this backstory a little more.

Can we just pause right here and so I can say how much I love this skirt? Even though it pops open whenever I squat to pick things up, and could possibly one day create an incredibly awkward situation? Because I love this skirt. Other than the whole popping-open thing, it’s perfect.

Can we also pause to rejoice that tomorrow ends my six-day work week?

And while we’re paused, can we curse the customers who make me waste three shots of espresso and then don’t even tip me?

A piece of advice: Don’t ever get on the bad side of food and drink servers. They have the ability to do things like spit in your food or overcharge you without your noticing.

Not that I’d ever do that. I love my job too much to pull a stupid stunt like that.

But I’d pretend I did. Just to feel better.

Don’t tell any one, but this shirt was a pajama shirt. And yes, I have slept in it. (SHUSH. Don’t judge me! At least I don’t traipse around in flannel dog-printed pajama pants.)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go make an appetizer.  (Or rather, decide what appetizer to make, go buy ingredients, and then assemble it.)

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful Friday!

I’m glad none of you can see how long I paused to think of what day it was.

Details: Shirt ($6) and shoes(n/a), Target; Skirt($2.50), thrifted; belt, came with a dress; flower, was on a gift bag.
Approximate outfit cost: $8.50