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In which I feel very patriotic

Awkward moment of the day: wearing a fake engagement ring to work to ward off the creepy men, only to have one of the nicer regular guys see it and– since he’d wanted to Facebook friend you and it didn’t seem to be working– have him wave off your “I’m sorry it’s not working” comment with a slightly disgruntled  “Don’t worry about it, it’s obvious you’re not interested” … and then having to make him his drink.

In silence.

While wondering how to let him know that while you aren’t interested, you weren’t just lying and ignoring him on Facebook.

Happy moment of the day: not having to worry about awkward moments later on Facebook.

Uncomfortable moment of the day: having your coworker comment about the creepy guys, “yeah, they love you.”

Wish of the day: that a “I smile and make friendly conversation because it’s part of good customer service, not because I’m  interested” sign was appropriate at work. It would lessen the awkward moments considerably.


Blessing of the day: my parents have been married 32 years today.  And they still love each other very much. They are my heroes.

Food of the day: breakfast/lunch (brunch… more like…), peanut butter and honey oatmeal; supper, whole-wheat spaghetti noodles, homemade spaghetti sauce, green beans. And ranch dressing. For snacks: a pomegranate fruit bar, and a  blueberry fruit peel.  (no sugar added.)

I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures.

I hope you have all had a lovely Wednesday.

And once again, I’m glad you can’t see how long I pause to recall what day it is.

Details: Shirt (too old to remember), skirt ($3.99), belt ($1.99), and brooch ($3.99), thrifted; shoes ($12.98), and owl ring($8) Target. Approximate outfit cost: $30.95


  • miffalicious

    Bird, you’re looking prettier by the moment. Also, you owe me an email *scowl* 🙂 Love you sweetheart and wish your parents a brilliant anniversary for me(if they know who I am;))

    • Mara

      I know, love, I didn’t have a chance to read it yesterday like I thought I was going to! Love you too! They say thank you (they know you’re the girl going to school in England. :D.) <3

  • Jamie Rose

    I really do love that cute skirt. I love hearing about your awkward work moments. I suppose people don’t get the hint that you’re being nice for the sake of being nice. Why must we be mean to let people know we’re not interested? Better yet, why must we worry about that at all while we’re working? haha. Oh well! I love hearing the stories!

    • Mara

      Haha, I like recording them. After the initial awkardness, they do make me laugh.
      I know! It makes it harder to be friendly if there might be a situation where the guy thinks I’m being more than friendly. Oh well. At least it makes for good blog posts. 😀

  • Demy

    Hiii!!!! 32 years? Seriously?? WOW!!! Happy Anniversary to them! I wish them aaaaall the best 🙂 It was an awkward day, wasn’t it? lol! Ah, such a pity about that guy but just look at the bright side! Creepers didn’t even bother you lol 😛 😛 As for the outfit, it is very patriotic, but it’s perfect anyways! Your face looks soooo pretty! Well, it always is pretty, but in these pics it looks even prettier!!! I love your hair like that, I love everything! You’re amazing! 😀

    P.S. I know what you mean about not knowing what is it lol! I thought it was Saturday today and when I realised it’s Friday I was SO disappointed 🙁 😛

    • Mara

      Seriously! 😀 They’re pretty amazing.
      It was an awkward day. And amusing. And slightly weird. But yes, at least the creepy ones didn’t come around today!
      Thank you, I think I know what you mean. I really like the way these pictures turned out. <3

  • audrey

    Happy Anniversary to your parents! And don’t worry about the cute/non-creepy guy — red flag to me when someone says something like “You’re obviously not interested” — passive aggressive much?? I bet there will be other non-creepy customers in the future. 🙂 I love red, white and blue!

    • Mara

      Haha, he really is a nice guy; it was more just… disgruntled and disappointed rather than “Oh, so much for THAT conquest” kind of thing. It was just awkward.

  • Asia Morela

    We have a definite problem with men in our society… (What makes me a feminist) Either they want to sleep with you, or they ignore you. Apparently there is no place in their head/life for a woman who is, simply, a fellow human being. At least that’s true of 95% of men I’ve ever met.

    I really hate how it forces us women into the dillemma of: “being friendly and encouraging his attentions” or “refusing to talk to him, which is the only way he’ll understand I don’t wish for *more*”.

    • Mara

      You know, I have to differ. The guys I know are all lovely, and it’s only at work that I find the “sleep with or ignore” types. There are a lot of good men in this world, it just so happens that they respect me enough to *not* flirt unless they mean it. 🙂 Which I guess could come across as ignoring. But my guy friends are all good.