Fashion, Scarf challenge

My Moon, My Man

I have had this song stuck in my head all day. Actually, make that the last two days. I sang it in the shower last night, at work yesterday, at work this morning, between pictures today… it’s a catchy tune.

I realized the other day– when I posted that photoshoot of myself— that I’ve been downplaying my tendencies to edit my pictures because I’ve sort of… unconsciously been trying to “fit in” with all the other fashion bloggers. Who don’t really edit their pictures at all. And it wasn’t until someone commented that the pictures looked more artistic than my normal that I realized I was doing this. I was trying to mimic other fashion bloggers in using as little-edited photos as I could.

And that’s not very “me.” I love going all out with editing. I love using the editing to amplify the outfit– it changes the mood of the entire post, and I think that getting the right photoediting can be just as important and putting together the right outfit or taking a good picture.

So here you have these pictures. It’s an accurate portrayal of my red hair, but my skin isn’t quite that pale, nor is the back yard quite that intense. I think that the bright editing helps showcase the outfit– the scarf in particular. It also helps convey my current mood to you, so you get a better feeling of my day.

What do you prefer? Unedited, or edited? Or somewhere in between?

I think this will be my last real Scarf-A-Day challenge outfit. I haven’t run through all of my scarves, but my attention span has run out and I really only have silk neck-scarves left… which are harder for me to style. Especially since most of them are spring-colored, and it’s fall.

This is my angry owl ring. I love him. He’s grumpy and tiny and adorable. And he needs a name. One of my good friends sent him to me for my birthday, and in lieu of my normal turquoise ring that I cannot find, I’m wearing him. He might become a permanent fixture, if he can get his act together and quit slipping upside-down on my finger.

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!