Wedding attire: what to wear on your head.

Yesterday, I found a dress. It wasn’t what I had imagined, because actually I couldn’t solidify what the imaginary bride-me would wear down the aisle, but it is PERFECT and I love it and I did not want to take it off. It made my mom cry, my maid of honor cry, one of my best friends cry, and I cried.

So, you know, I couldn’t leave it there. And no, I will not show you all a picture. You have to wait till the wedding to see it.

ANYWAY. I haven’t decided if I want to wear a veil or not, but something I have always envisioned was wearing flowers in my hair. And recently, I came upon Which Goose on Etsy, who makes the most gorgeous flower crowns I’ve ever seen.

flower hair crown 'PLUM' wedding accessory, bridal head piece


woodland crown 'TWIGGY' bridal headpiece, wedding accessory


flower crown 'SECRET GARDEN' wedding accessory, bridal hair

Secret Garden

flower hair crown 'WENDY' wedding accessory head piece


ivory flower wedding crown/wreath 'MAGPIE' woodland floral bridal head piece


bridal flower band 'O PIONEERS' wedding accessory, headpiece

O Pioneers

magenta hair crown, flower fascinator 'CAROUSEL' floral wedding head piece


Now, I can’t really afford any of these– the first one is my absolute favorite– but what I can do is make one. So today after work, I’m stopping at the fabric store, and I’m gonna buy myself some flowers, hot glue, a headband, and some ribbons and make myself a (hopefully) beautiful flower crown for my wedding. It’ll be my first DIY wedding project. I’ll try to photograph as I go to show you all how it’s done, if you’re interested.

Because everyone needs to know how to make a beautiful flower crown, wedding or no wedding. They’re just too gorgeous to pass up!

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!


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