On blogging and confidence


A couple of years ago, I was a girl with no idea how to dress herself. I wore jeans every day that I hated on myself, shirts in long proportions that never seemed to flatter or be the right length, and sweatshirts because really, that’s just what all my friends wore and I wasn’t brave enough to break the style mold of that clique.

The only time I really felt pretty was on Sundays or for special occasions when I could dress up and nobody would ask me why I looked so fancy.


But then one week in December, I started following a few fashion blogs (Selective Potential, What I Wore), and I decided to challenge myself to wear skirts for an entire week, and see if I could survive the snowy weather. After that week, I thought maybe I’d start tacking outfit pictures onto the ends of my blog posts– because at that point, my blog was a writing-only blog– and see if anyone thought it was a good idea.

I still wore jeans intermittently if I thought I’d be in a social situation where everyone else was wearing pants, too, but when I wasn’t going to be seeing anyone that day, I wore skirts.


Then in the summer, I went to visit one of my friends out of state for a month, and since nobody knew me there I could wear whatever I wanted. I wore dresses the entire time, and it felt wonderful! I started discovering more fashion blogs as well, and realized that bloggers come in ALL shapes and sizes.

Even with the newfound confidence of wearing dresses all the time, I still felt incredibly self-conscious about my body. To me, all of the fashionable girls were skinny, and I was not. Nor will I ever be.


There was definitely a day when I would have NEVER posted a side shot or backside shot of myself. Ever. ¬†But then slowly, as I read more fashion blogs and gained blog friends who were blind to size, I started to realize: fashion isn’t about size. It’s about… well, fashion.

And obviously there will always be the most-popular blogs with ultra-beautiful women who are that “perfect” ideal or close to it, but there are also so many beautiful blogs and bloggers out there who are wonderfully normal and inspiring.

I’m not going to deny that weight loss has also helped boost my confidence, because I’d be a liar to say I’m not trying to lose weight or I’ll be happy with this size always. But I’m confident in my size even if I’m still not the conventional “fashion” size, and I don’t know that I ever will be, even when I do reach my personal weight goals. And that’s okay. Fashion blogging has definitely helped boost my confidence where curves are concerned. You readers are all just amazing, and all of those fashion bloggers out there have gone to show me that any size is beautiful.

6Of course, inner confidence in who I am in God and who I am as a person has always been there, but physical confidence has definitely been boosted by blogging.

And being married to a super hot man who loves the way I am doesn’t hurt, either. ūüėČ

Has blogging boosted your confidence? How? Are there shots you take of yourself that you post now that would never have seen the light of blogging in the past?



In other news, the weather has finally started to get better, and I’ve finally found the inspiration and determination to blog more! Despite the fact that my favorite camera lens goes wonky, I have no computer, and we have no internet at our house. I’m getting better at taking my own outfit photos, and quicker at borrowing my mom’s or my mom-in-law’s computer and internet to do blog posts.

Also, scheduling posts ahead of time is a life saver! I don’t know why I didn’t learn that earlier.


Kohl’s: Shirt
Hawaii Flea Market: Hat
Thrifted: Skirt, belt
Target: Heels

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Go forth and blog with confidence. ūüėČ


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