IMG_0834 You guys, I just realized that I can blog from my phone. So long as I’m either blogging pictures from my phone or have previously uploaded them somewhere, I can use the (free!!!) WordPress app to blog right on my mobile device. I mean, awesome or what!? I am seriously pumped that I can blog with one finger on my couch while snacking on an apple that I shouted at in German a few minutes ago for falling on the floor.

Because yeah. That’s what I’m doing. Don’t worry, I washed the apple. And the German thing wasn’t as epic as it sounds. I only know how to say yes/no, do you speak German?, one swear word, now… and I can count to eleven. IMG_0837 So this is our front door. Our house is not very pretty– I am almost certain it used to be a small barn– but the green door is cute, and it’s nice on the inside. Other than the fact that the bedroom had no windows.
I convinced Mr. Owl to take outfit pictures with me because he’s so darn good looking and I couldn’t let his great taste go to waste. If only his work allowed him to dress fancy every day. *swoon*
20130416-152742.jpgOh, this man.
IMG_0823 I am pretty sure he secretly likes being photographed. He makes all sorts of faces like he doesn’t like it, but then he starts posing for real. I’m going to make him do outfits with it for me more often.
IMG_0831 On Sunday we went to my parents’ house and, dressed like this, proceeded to dig through all of the old mostly-trash in their garage from the previous owners, and I found THE most amazing box ever– an old cigar box fully intact, almost undamaged.., of the White Owl brand. Love. 20130416-154200.jpg I mean seriously, could there be anything more amazing? We also found some pretty blue glass jars, and a bunch of old wooden produce/egg/booze crates that we intend to make into a bookcase.
IMG_0844So I don’t normally post kissy pictures online(or am I the only one who thinks most of them are awkward?), but other than the fact that I actually liked this one, this is to show you how things work; every time he tries to pose facing me, I crack up. And the only way I will stop laughing is for him to kiss me(oh darn, right?). Or I just lose it. Like this: IMG_0846I’m pretty much impossible to take serious pictures with. IMG_0853 IMG_0870IMG_0835On him: shirt, Kohl’s; pants, Target; bowtie, old; suspenders, H&M; shoes, Famous Footwear. On me, all thrifted except for the Jewelry, which is Forever 21.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday!


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  • mariecarolk

    His face in that one after you kissing is hysterical!! I about died laughing. But seriously you guys are adorable and the WordPress app is amazeballs!


    P.s. I borrowed the “Well Fed” paleo book from the library and I came home from school to find my mom ready to cook up a storm of Paleo food for our family πŸ™‚ Hahaha yay!

  • Jamie Rose

    You two are seriously such a good looking couple! So stylish and adorable! I love both of your outfits here. Your floral skirt is super pretty and those shoes are fantastic too. I think your kissing picture is super cute and the one of you cracking up afterwards is the best. When I take pictures with Matt – which is a very rare thing indeed – most of them are him with his eyes closed and me making a ridiculous grin. Not so attractive haha!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Hehe, oh, believe me, we have TONS Of unattractively posed/making faces/laughing uncontrollably pictures that I go through trying to find one or two where I’m not laughing and he’s not making faces. πŸ˜€
      Thank you!