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How to Get Dressed While Pregnant (and not get bored)


As I get more and more pregnant, I’ve been searching high and low through my closet and normal stores for good items to wear that aren’t specifically maternity. As I have mentioned, while it’s really fun to realize yes, I can finally wear maternity clothes… they’re expensive, and a lot of them are kind of boring. And now, as I’m nearing five months pregnant and I can no longer button pants or wear fitted-waist dresses, what do I do? Well, if you’re like me and you don’t have a lot of money, plus don’t want a closet full of clothes that are useless after you have the baby… read on!3

1. Scour your local thrift stores, and keep an eye out for vintage (especially 70’s-80’s) clothes. I’ve found quite a few vintage garments that either stretch enough to fit my growing belly, or are made in such a way that the waist is higher and the fit is just overall more forgiving for a growing stomach. The dress I’m wearing is more of a trapeze-style dress, but with a belt to give it some shape, it’s SO perfect for the growing belly. Also good for pregnancy: this vintage dress (which is actually a bit big on me), this 1970’s caftan (I mean… does it get any better?), this blue floral mock-wrap dressand this 60’s day dress. All vintage, all thrifted. Check your stores!4

2. Don’t be afraid to buy a size or two larger if you find something you love that isn’t maternity! I normally wear size small in shirts, but I found this adorable cat-print blouse at the thrift store (originally H&M) and it’s a large. It’ll still work when I’m not pregnant, but hey! It works with the belly, too! If only that skirt still fit. Other things I’m wearing that are actually too big: this skirt (vintage, which you can buy if you like), and this polka-dot skirt. And another skirt, that I’ll be posting later this week. But you know, sizes are just words and numbers. What really matters is that you cultivate a closet full of clothes that make you feel good! So if it looks great on you, who cares what size it is? It’s not like people are going to snoop around in your tags to judge you for wearing a bigger size. And most likely, squeezing into something that’s too small will make you appear larger, while finding a bigger size that fits properly will make you look smaller.

Mind blowing, I know. Haha!5

3. Only buy maternity clothes you love. Don’t feel trapped into purchasing maternity just because you’re pregnant and that’s what you’re supposed to do. I currently only own three maternity items: this dress, these pants, and this shirt. And I only bought them because I LOVE them. I know eventually I may have to resort to maternity clothes only, but I will continue to only purchase the ones that make me happy, and not the ones that look boring.  Two great sites for maternity are ASOS, and New Look (who, I just discovered, DO deliver to the US!)

64. Lastly… have lots of fun! Seriously, when else do you get to celebrate the fact that your belly is getting bigger and you’re gaining weight? You’re growing a little person inside of you, and it’s a wonderful thing! Wear things you’d never choose. I am addicted to this vintage peplum wiggle dress, which I would NEVER have gotten pre-pregnancy, because suddenly the proportion of my hips-belly-chest is all evened out! (Thank goodness for pregnancy boobs and baby bellies!) I’ve been far more adventurous with my style now that I’m pregnant, and I really hope it carries over to after pregnancy and motherhood!89

I recieved this necklace and ring from Oasap yesterday, and I am so in love! The necklace is actually a very long one– it reaches mid-belly for me– but today I wasn’t feeling the length so I shortened it using a safety pin. And voila! Perfectneckline length! My husband thinks it’s a really creepy necklace. I’m going to wear it lots.

And this ring! Oh, how adorable is it? I’m really into animal jewelry lately, and this little fox is the perfect addition to my collection! I was a bit worried as it’s only one size and not adjustable, but it’s approximately a 7, which fits my first finger perfectly and would fit most people, I think, on one finger or the other! My only qualm is that it’s been rubbing a bit of green onto my finger. But it’s so cute and otherwise well made that I really don’t care. The details of the face are just fantastic!


Vintage dress
Elk Head Necklace: C/O Oasap
Cute Little Fox Anima Ring: C/O Oasap
Sandals and belt: Target

Oh, and also: find belts that are big enough to fit around your ribcage. I’m addicted to belting things, and all of those belts I’ve hung on to that have been too big (or stretchy) are perfect now!

What do you do to keep your style intact while pregnant (or going through a weight change, or any other body-challenge that changes the way you dress)? You can check out my Pinterest Maternity Style Board or my Facebook Maternity album to browse for ideas on what to wear while your body changes!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


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