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Pink Blush Maternity review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

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Today, I am typing on five hours of sleep and not enough coffee, so forgive me if I get to rambling! I am pretty sure it’s going to be one of those days where I find myself doing lots of amusing things, like putting the juice away in the dish cupboard, or typing out whatever I’m listening to instead of the rest of my sentence. But, when you’re pregnant and you wake up having to pee right at the time your husband usually gets up, it’s really hard to go back to sleep.

Especially when you hear the coffee pot going.


I was sent this dress a few days ago by Pink Blush Maternity, a super cute online maternity clothing store, and it is SO comfortable!! It’s made to be a nursing dress as well as maternity, which will be very nice when Asa arrives, but for now it definitely serves as another one of those cozy-like-a-worn-tee-type dresses that you just want to wear all the time because it’s just that comfortable. The material is really soft, and my only quibble is that it’s just a tad bit thin, so certain undergarment lines show unless you wear a full slip.

But I usually wear slips with my dresses anyway, so it’s not a big deal! I really love the drapiness of the neckline, the length of the sleeves (I end up pushing up full-length sleeves, so the 3/4 length is PERFECT for me), and the empire waist. It also came with a belt, which I’m not wearing in this particular outfit, and that’s a plus for me! I like belts, if you hadn’t noticed. 3

If you’re looking for cute maternity clothes, definitely visit Pink Blush! They have a great array of clothing, at pretty reasonable prices! It’s more in the area of trendy maternity clothes than what I normally go for, but they really do have some adorable stuff. Plus, they sell for nursing mothers as well, which is great!

I also really loved this burgundy lace dress, but since I just bought a burgundy bodycon dress, I figured I should go for something different. My husband would not understand why I had two dresses of similar color and shape, much like he doesn’t understand why I have a pair of flat houndstooth shoes AND a pair of high-heeled houndstooth shoes. To him, they’re the same, even though the heels have a bow.  137

He also doesn’t understand why I need more dresses. Yesterday, I picked up four dresses from the thrift store, all vintage, three of which were luckily on the tag sale at $1.29, and he just looked at me and said “New rule, when one comes in, one goes out. So what are you getting rid of?”

I’m pretty sure he only says this because we have a small closet. So I reminded him that I did just clear out my dresser and my closet, and got rid of two trash-bag sized bags full of clothes, and he sighed and gave up. He’s going to have to get used to the fact that I will always have a very full closet, and I cannot resist vintage thrifted dresses ever. 8

I’ll be sharing my finds tomorrow, because one of them was a very exciting discovery, and I think I now know enough about thrifting vintage to give you all a few tips. I’ve been asked to do a thrifting post before, but at the time I didn’t feel like I knew enough to tell other people what to look for. 1216

You know, it’s funny, even with the difficulties of the third trimester– pelvic/groin soreness, increased pee times, the baby’s size increasing and occasionally cutting off circulation– I haven’t gotten tired of being pregnant yet, and still the only thing that makes me look forward to not being pregnant– other than the obvious, you know, actually getting to meet this baby– is that I really miss my other clothes. Haha! That might be weird, but… winter, to me, is all about getting to wear my wool plaid skirts and warm sweaters, and when you’re pregnant, sweaters and wool are the last thing you want.

Even in the winter.

Not to mention, they don’t fit. But that’s okay; it’ll still be winter when I have him, and hopefully they’ll fit me again. Who knows, bodies change when you have kids, and I might never have that small of a waist again. Crossing my fingers, but y’know.


Dress c/o Pink Blush Maternity | JC Penney Motorcycle boots | Target Tights | Thrifted belt and brooch

And now, for all of you pregnant or nursing readers, I’m really excited to say that Pink Blush is offering one lucky reader a $25 to spend on anything from their store! Leave me a comment below with what you would get to enter! You can also like or follow the following pages for extra entries. Don’t forget to tell me when you do!

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Good luck! The giveaway will be open until next Tuesday (December 10) and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! I’m going to go make more coffee and eat breakfast. And maybe take a nap. Is 8:35am too early to take a nap? Haha! (Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know if it is.)


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*entrants are not eligible if you have hosted or won a giveaway from Pink Blush in the last 6 months.