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The Tougher Days

┬áToday was one of those days where I would really have loved to stay in bed and play Banana Kong all day. I don’t mean to say pregnancy is a terrible thing; don’t get that wrong. I love being pregnant, if not so much for the symptoms then for the knowledge that I’m going to… Read More The Tougher Days


Dandelion Fluff

This, my friends, is what our yard looks like right now. Isn’t it beautiful? And also, shameful? Ha! My husband is incredibly allergic to grass, so he attempted to mow down the beast our yard has become but after a few rounds on the mower, he came inside with red eyes, a runny nose, and… Read More Dandelion Fluff


Black Roses

This dress totally does not show up as green as it is! I absolutely love the color in real life; it’s an emerald-turquoise color that just reminds me of spring and fresh greenery. But my camera’s settings won’t pick up the color for some reason. I cleaned out my entire wardrobe (dresser items included) yesterday… Read More Black Roses