I Like To Cut Things Up.

Amongst the other changes I’ve made recently- you know, eating healthy and all that- I’ve decided not to use my internet for anything but my Bible reading posts on Saturdays and Sundays.


Because I realized recently that there are days that go by where I do not put my computer down. All day. (Except to get some coffee.) And I was pretty much wasting my day doing absolutely nothing. I felt like I had to be online or I would miss something very important and… I don’t know. Some crap like that.

One of the big reasons for ceasing to use my internet on the weekends is that my internet time is interfering with my writing. I’d get an idea, but something funny would distract me, or someone on chat, or an email, or twitter, or… anything and everything. So I wouldn’t write it down, and then… there went my ideas.

So I didn’t use the internet last weekend.

I get urges I’ve never had when I’m not online. I cut into a possibly vintage dress- I mean, it was made back when I would be a size four, which means… y’know… a long time ago(I like this dress! hehe.)- because I loved the pattern and the very fitted waist, but I didn’t like the length or the neckline.

So I hemmed it from calf-length to knee length, and then I took the whole top of the dress apart and remade it from this:


into this:

It was very scary and fun and slightly disappointing but mostly satisfying. Because the one thing I really wanted to do- make the straps cross in the back- didn’t work, and that’s why it ended up just being a halter top. And the one thing I wish I had done was keep the extra strap just in case I wanted to try and fix it in the future. Oh well.

Oh, I also added these little red bows:


Because I wanted something to break up the all white and blue pattern. Now, I did like the top… just not on me. The cut of the neckline was not very flattering at all to my face- it made me look even chubbier, and short necked. Overall, though, I’m glad I just up and went for it.

So that was my creative foray into the world of sewing. I know how to sew perfectly well- my mother made sure of that- but I do not like sewing. At all. Except for this, which was really easy and was mostly ripping seams and cutting things up. If I could just remake all my dresses, instead of make them from scratch, I would. Because I never make my dresses from scratch. They just end up being a pile of cut up and half-stitched fabric that I got too bored to continue sewing.

And yes, that is me in the dress… and yes, I may end up fixing the neckline because it dips a little too low for me. Then again, it also forces me to sit up straight because if I slouch at all, everyone else knows what color my bra is. Among other things…