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Jacket; Shirt, $10; Skirt, $4; Boots, $15; Tights, $5; Scarf, $3; Belt, $0.99; Owl necklace, $5? Headband,$2.39
Approximate outfit cost:  $45.38

For the life of me, I can’t remember where I got the jacket OR the owl necklace. I do know that the owl necklace was the beginning of my obsession with owls, though. It’s the first owl jewelry I ever purchased.

So, there’s my first day of the 30 for 30 challenge. I woke up sick. I… have mixed feelings for this outfit. I’m not much of a neutral colors person (as evidenced by my closet), but I do love the fact that I’ve got four different patterns on.

By the way, I do plan to take singular pictures of my accessories in the future, but today… I’m sick, the pictures kept coming out fuzzy, and I… yeah. Enough said. Tomorrow I’ll try to do better.

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday!

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  • Demy

    Hi! First, that’s amazing that all the plagiarized stories were removed! 🙂 🙂

    And I think that you look great in neutral tones, even if you don’t like them very much! The skirt and the blazer look very beautiful on you!! Gorgeous scarf and tights as well! And how cute is this necklace?? And it was the very first one?? wow!! I guess that it’s ore important to you! 😀

    A, I hope that you get better soon! This transitional period between winter and spring is the worst period for getting sick.. Everybody seems to be down with the flu. Last week I was too 🙁 Rest and drink tea 🙂

    • Mara

      Aww, thanks. 😀 Yes, it was the very first one! And it’s not that I don’t like neutral tones on me, I just… like color better. Plus, I’m sick. And being sick definitely affects how I feel about what I’m wearing.

      It is a terrible transitional period! Thank you. I hope it’s not a long sickness!

  • someonetookmyusername

    I just tried to log in and found that I am also banned. I sent an email to the administrator saying, “Hey, you know, I was banned. I did nothing wrong. If anyone did anything wrong here, it was the plagiarizer, etc.” (Only, much more eloquently phrased.) I ended the email with three questions that I think are perfectly reasonable to ask: why was I banned, what happened to the plagiarizer, and what action is being taken against the other stories that were plagiarized.

    We’ll see what happens, I guess.

    • Mara

      Yeah, I’m thinking they probably banned everyone who was involved. But they took down the two other stories as well, so… hopefully all of Pooja’s posts have been removed! And hopefully Pooja has been banned as well.

      Definitely reasonable questions. Let me know what happens!

  • Sarah

    Thats so great about the stories!! I reckon you totally intimidated them!! Its amazing. They were trying to do it to you but seriously you were 100000000453945435% in the right obviously coz its your story..(duh blonde moment) But good work hun.

    Oh that owl necklace is so cute!!! Ima fly over and steal that now!

  • Asia Morela

    They banned you?! How petty/immature is that? But at least you got what you wanted, which is what matters, and I hope it remains that way.

    Great scarf! And love the necklace too, of course.

    • Mara

      Yes. They banned me, But they’re allowing the plagiarist to continue posting! It’s ridiculous. I have a different username now, and I’m keeping an eye on things. I just sent a message to someone who has been plagiarized and knows it on the website, telling them to do all the things that I did.

      I have big suspicions that the entire website is composed of plagiarized material. Sigh.


    • Mara

      Thanks! I just opened up your blog, and I have to say I am in love with your most recent outfit! I’m going to go comment on it. 😉