My closet is cooler than yours.

So! Better pictures of my new closet. Be jealous at how amazing it is.

I love that there is a spot for everything. Shoes, jewelry, clothes, laundry hamper… even the cat’s litter box (she lives in my room. And I have to admit, that may be one of my favorite parts. It’s much easier to access and clean now. Before, it was back in a corner and Β blocked by a little side table.)

(picture-heavy post. Click through to see more.)

My favorite part: the three compartments that I added last-minute to my plans.

The top compartment holds all of my jewelry. This way, I can put together an outfit without having to go back and forth between the closet and my desk (where my jewelry used to be.)

And yes, that was a teacup full of Lindor chocolates you saw in the first picture. They’re left over from Christmas. I can’t actually eat them until my sugar allergy gets taken care of… but… they’re pretty!

The second compartment holds… random things.

Flowers, headbands, bracelets, random jewelry bits (the middle tray on the glass thing is full of pendants that don’t have chains, brooches, and other trinkets)…

…my favorite lotions, my favorite nail polishes… and of course, my favorite Shakespearean plays… and Yorick.

The third compartment is for the shirts I wear most often that don’t have to be hung, and my tights.

There are four shelves for shoes, and one shelf for shirts I don’t wear as much (it’s messy):

And then there’s the difficult corner, with the furnace duct in it:

It’s not quite finished yet. One more bar for hangers has to be added, but we didn’t have the rosettes (support) to put it up.

And then, there’s my bookshelf:

And that’s about it!

Oh, I found this kind of funny:

I am obviously not afraid of patterns and colors. How many do you count? (That’s not even all of my clothes.)

I love my closet. Having it compartmentalized like this has really given me so much more space! It’s opened up my bedroom– now, I actually want to sit in the chair by the closet, whereas before… it was just covered in clothes that I didn’t feel like putting away because my closet was so badly made.

Yeah. So my dad is amazing. My closet is amazing.

Let’s just hope that I actually keep it organized. *ahem* I Β mean, it’s not like I’m messy or anything… πŸ˜‰


  • Demy

    Even more jealous than before when I saw the first pics! It’s so organized! My favorite parts are the shelf with your accessories and your book self! Your accessories, because they are so so greatly put and they are very beautiful to see πŸ˜› And your book self because I’m a book maniac and I love seeing them in a good state! All in all it’s a dreamy wardrobe and I so wish I had one like that! Mine actually look kinda like the three selves where you have your accessories… Too too small..

    • Mara

      Isn’t it pretty? I’m wondering how long it will stay organized, since I’m not a very organized person. Although if I can make it look pretty, I’m more likely to keep it organized– I think that’s just the artist in me. Wanting everything to look pretty.

      Oh, you should see the rest of my books! I wonder if I photographed them anywhere… oh! Here we go: I think that most of my books show up in that post. Well, most of the books I have out that aren’t still boxed in a closet somewhere. (the shelf in this post holds about… 1/8th of my entire book collection.)

      Wow, that is really small! You need a bigger wardrobe. πŸ˜€

    • Mara

      HAH. I win. πŸ˜‰

      When I have my own house, I’d love to have a walk-in closet with room for a full-length mirror, a vanity, and maybe a comfy chair. With a window to let in the morning light.

      I can dream, anyway…

        • Mara

          It’d be nice… to let in the light. I like natural light a lot. And so long as it was on the second floor and not facing a neighbor’s house or a road… wouldn’t it be nice?

          • Avra-Sha Faohla

            I do have a thing for natural light, now that you mention it. Unless I’m in a room with no windows, or something is blocking the light coming in through the glass, I will not turn on a light in the daytime. I say God put the sun there for a reason, so why do we need artificial light? (Of course, this is also my thrifty side speaking. If I can see, I’m not going to be picky and turn on the light so I can see perfectly, because that’s just a waste of electricity and I feel like I’m acting spoiled. I also can’t stand when lights are on in unoccupied rooms.)

          • Mara

            I love natural light– if I could, I’d never use light bulbs. Like, when I get up in the morning, I hate it when someone turns on the light because I love the dusty aura just before dawn breaks. So I generally only use my lights when I have to.

          • Avra-Sha Faohla

            Yes! Natural light is so much more pleasant.

            When I wake up before dawn . . . it’s dark. Very dark. Are you sure you mean the time just before dawn, and not just before sunrise?

  • Sheela

    Awesome closet! Where do you get those books on Plato, Pascal, and Aristotle? Are they all apart of a series?

    • Mara

      I found them at a thrift store for I think… around $0.80 each. They are part of a series, yes. πŸ™‚ I don’t have the entire series– I think there are 54 total, and I have 1-37. I think.

  • Sarah

    Are you actually serious….your closet is the best closer ever actually. Its so have so many colours and patterns and gorgeous jewelery. DId your dad make that for you…can he come over and make one for me hahaha.

    love it. I love peeking into other peoples lives and personal space. Its a bit voyeuristic haha

    • Mara

      I am serious. πŸ˜€ It is the best closet ever, and yes, my dad did make it! I drew up the plans and he put it all together out of some old doors and random pieces of wood we had in the garage.

      I do, too!

  • shreejacob

    *jealous* πŸ˜‰

    I love your closet. I’m staring at the built in cupboards in my room right now and wondering…wondering…wondering… πŸ˜›