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Yellow and Florals

I feel like a fairy. I don’t know why.

Shirt, $4; Skirt, somewhere around $5; Shoes… $10?; Earrings, $4; Belt, $0.99; Brooch, $5; Flowers, free.

Approximate outfit cost: $28.99

Video. I’m um… yeah.


  • Demy

    Awesome post! I love this first picture and the poem! And I read the summary, it’s SO interesting, girl!!! WOW!!! You’re very creative!

    And this outfit is gorgeous! I think it’s one of my faves! Indeed you look like a fairy, with these beautiful flowers on your head and this dreamy skirt! I love everything! It’s flawless! 🙂 🙂 And in the last pic, you so remind me of Annebeth!!!

    I’ll come back to watch the video! 😀

    • Mara

      Isn’t it a gorgeous picture? And the poem is pretty amazing. 😉 Aww, thanks! The story is based, loosely, on a dream I had some time ago. I really hope to finish it, because I love the characters already, and I’m not even 2 chapters into the story.

      It’s one of my favorites too! I love yellow, and florals,and flowers in my hair… y’know. You read my thing on Chictopia. 😉 Ooh, thank you!

      Video is posted!

      • Demy

        I came back to watch the video! It’s such a gorgeous video, you’re very cute person! 🙂 And your bedroom is so awesome, I’m actually really jealous of your stuff! Everything’s so interesting in there! I’m sure I would never get bored! I adoooore the birds on your wall, and your accessories door, and your awesome masks on the mirror and OMGOSH I LOVE all these books!! I’m so a book nerd! I read books since I remeber my self! And all these classical ones you’ve gor are awesome, especially Jane Eyre! And did you draw Mister Rochester??? WOW! It’s amazing! 😀 Btw, awesome pajamas! 😀 You’re so addicted to owls! Anyway, your bedroom is adorable and so so so so interesting! It may not be huge but it’s so special and it’s really YOU! 😀 Great video! 😀

        • Mara

          Hahaha, thank you. I’m a book nerd, too. Sadly, half the books I own are books I have yet to read– I bought them because they were pretty. I intend to read them soon, but… I have library books to finish first. 😀

          Yes, I did draw Mr. Rochester! It was a quick sketch while I was watching a movie that I was bored with. 😉

          It’s a big addiction, this owl craze. 😀 I’m glad you like my room! I like it, too. And all my stuff. 😀 Thanks, love!

  • Margaret

    Oh, I have one of those carved wooden angels too! I use it as a bookend on my bookshelf. And I love bunnies! I confess, I am twenty years old and I still keep my stuffed bunny on my bed. Also, that Snoopy is so cute! I had a dog named Snoopy when I was little because I loved the Peanuts movies so much.

    • Mara

      The Willow Tree angels? They are really pretty; I love the whole line of Willow Tree. Such a beautiful idea.
      Haha, it’s good to know I’m not alone! I don’t think anyone is ever too old for stuffed animals, really.

  • shreejacob

    I read the summary too and it sounds very interesting!!! I’m a sucker for mysteries!

    And you feel like a fairy because you look like a a beautiful one! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Love how you decorated your room! I especially like the wallpaper cutouts. I might borrow that idea if you don’t mind. 🙂 I’ll be living in a school apartment next year and there’s only so much we can do to decorate the walls, so that would be perfect! 😀

    • Mara

      Thank you! You can go right ahead and borrow it. 😉 I know how that is– not being able to do much painting and all. I can’t do much to my walls, either, since we’re renting this house. So it’s nice to have other options!