30 Day Challenges,  Fashion

We’ll just have to settle for LOOKING intellectual.

So, I had a whole post planned today; I was going to write about… writing.

But then something happened. Something crazy and expected but still exciting.

So you’re going to have to wait for the writerly post until tomorrow.

Because that thing that happened is WAY more important… to me.

It’s something that is currently making me dizzy.

It has to do with my face.

Have you guessed yet? Or scrolled down enough to see?

NEW GLASSES!!! I am SO excited! So excited that I’m tempted to type this whole thing in all-caps.

I think I killed the looking intellectual with this picture.

It’s my grandma pose.

And my sexy pose. (I don’t know WHY the men aren’t just falling at my feet with a face like that… *sigh* They run away. Or laugh hysterically.)

I’m so happy!!!

(my new about page picture. :D)

Now I  look smarter than I really am!

Outfit details:  Shirt, $5; Dress, gift ($19.99 I think); Shoes, $7?; Necklace, free; Headband, $2.something
Approximate outfit cost: (for me) $14 and some cents.  😀 (Or $34 and some cents…but I didn’t pay for the dress.)


  • Asia M

    Yay!! Very cool new glasses. 🙂

    I was wearing mine today and also thinking I should get new ones. I imagined something a little similar to yours, black- or brown-rimmed, plasticky.

    • Mara

      Thank you. 😀

      Yeah, I like them a lot. They’re WAY better than my old glasses (which… showed up in that one video…). I’m going to take better pictures of them because the sides are pretty.

  • Margaret

    Hahaha, I read this and totally thought you were hinting that you had met a handsome, life-changing man. “It’s something that is currently making me dizzy.” Then I read the next line and did a “…Huh?” But glasses are much more exciting. 🙂 I think I need to buy some new glasses frames, I got mine in seventh grade. Although by your standards I think I have a few years!

    • Mara

      Haha! I wish! Hey, the next line could be… “it has something to do with my face” as in… it… makes me blush? Because a handsome, life-changing man probably would. 😀

      Hmm, you know… I think men and glasses are about the same kind of interesting right now. Well… I might like to have a handsome, life-changing man a little more than I like having new glasses. But it IS nice to see. 😀

      You probably do. When it’s been ten years, THEN it’s time for an upgrade. 😉

  • Sarah

    You are so awesome…Love the new glasses make you look really smart WHICH I am sure you are no doubt about it. I love your funny poses. Love your coy pose in the outfit..you are amazing and i hope you are enjoying your new spiffy glasses!! Super Smart lady

    • Mara

      Hehehe. They make me LOOK smart. Let’s just hope nobody asks me questions that require me to BE smart. 😉 ( I mean, um… yes. I am totally as smart as I look. :D) Thank you, dear. 😀