Flowers and Stripes

This outfit makes me very happy for three reasons: 1. pattern mixing. I love me some patterns. 2. it’s very feminine. I’m kind of a girly-girl. In case you hadn’t noticed. 3. I haven’t worn this dress in a few months, and the last time I wore it, I sort of had to suck everything in to get the thing zipped up. This time? It zipped like a dream, and is even a bit loose around the waist. Squeee!

Also, I got a lot of compliments today. My favorite librarian said I’m the best dresser in the harbor.

They were all very surprised that I get everything off of sale racks and from Goodwill.

I don’t know why you needed to see this outfit three times, but there it is. 😉

Fun fact:I was falling over when I took this picture.

Outfit details:
Cardigan,  $8; Dress, free (traded with a friend for a shirt… but I think it was around $10); Belt, $0.99; Tights, $5; Shoes, $… um… 8? Flower, free (it was on a gift bag.)
Approximate outfit cost: $31.99