Modern Maid Marian

 Details: Dress ($6.98), Bracelet ($7), Target; Shoes($10), Walmart; Earrings($4), Icing; Belt($1.99), thrifted;
Approximate outfit cost: $29.97

Quite a few friends have told me that I look like Maid Marian from the BBC Robin Hood, and today I feel a bit like a modern Marian. I think it’s the green hue, the sandals, the braids in my hair… it all just feels a bit like something a modern Marian might wear.


So one of my blog readers showed me THIS blog, and told me I have to try it. Of course, I did. But it doesn’t work so well with my camera. See… I’m not patient enough to jump a million times to get the perfect picture with the timer, and I don’t have anyone to photograph me. So my efforts come out like this:

 And after four tries, I was done.

I’m not a patient person.

But I promise, one day when I have a good enough camera and a photographer, I’ll do a levitation post. Because it’s cool.

I’m off to reply to emails, respond to comments, watch The Way We Live Now, and, most importantly, eat lunch.

The WWC picture will be coming later today– most likely this evening– because I have to look through my emails/blog comments and make sure there were no more than the two entries I found in my email-skimming, and I have about 73 emails to check.

I’m so glad to be back!

But I do miss summer camp.


  • Jennifer

    Such a great outfit. You look fabulous! You should host a video channel/television show about getting awesome ensembles for ridiculously amazing deals. Seriously. You would rock. Well, you do rock.

    I like your pics, even if you aren’t floating. 😉

    • Mara

      Thank you, my dear!
      I’ve thought about taking my camera with me while thrift-shopping, but I’m not quite sure how I’d narrate. Most of it is just persistence and an addiction to thrift stores. 😀

      Hehe. Thank you.

  • annebeth

    I love maid marianne! one of my fave “fairytales” of all time, haha, and yes you look amazing, I don’t know whether I know anyone who looks as stunning in forest green! except for that hottie robin hood ofc 😀

    • Mara

      They do go with everything! I also love them because they’re quite comfortable. I need more wedges like these in my life. I could wear them all day.

  • Jamie Rose

    I have such a hard time getting jumping pictures on autotimer too! Most of mine end up squatting pictures haha. I love that color on you, though! Really cute, casual dress!

    • Mara

      Mine, too! Haha. Some of them are REALLY entertaining. I should just grab my mom and have her take a jumping picture. Although I also have to remember to hold down my skirt or things get a bit risque. 😀

  • Demy

    OMGOD I’m dumpfounded!! You really look like Marian hahah, I hadn’t made the connection before. The shape of your faces is almost identical! WOW! How awesome is that? 😀 LOVE the dress, this color is super gorgeous on you, it flatters your eyes…if that makes sense ahhahaha! Stunning from head to toe! As usual 😀
    Oh and it’s the first time I see this levitation blog! The pics crack me up, they’re SO weird! 😀 😀
    Anyway, if I keep talking, there will be a LOT of rambling, which you don’t want, so bye bye!!
    P.S. One last thing: Do you have Twitter??

    • Mara

      Demy, you’re adorable! I’ve missed your comments (just from being away at camp.)
      Thank you, my dear!

      Aren’t they interesting? Kind of odd and fantastic, I t hink.

      And yes, I do have Twitter. If you click on “Thoughts, Displayed” in the righthand sidebar, it should take you to my Twitter.