I’ve got the blues…

It’s the long-awaited hair tutorial! With a blooper. Or probably more than just one.

Now, obviously this wasn’t done today. I had meant to edit the video and schedule it to post while I was gone last week, but um… that didn’t happen. As you know. But since it’s Tuesday and I didn’t feel like doing one of the other tutorials I’ve got written down as per your requests, you get that one.

 Details: Dress($6.24) and shoes($12.48), Target; Ring($1.50) camisole($1.99), and belt ($0.99), thrifted.
Approximate outfit cost: $23.20

I don’t really have the blues. It’s just, you know, blue dress… and… I’m not creative right now.

Shut up. I got up at 2:45am. I can use cliche’d expressions as blog titles if I want to. I did finally upload that hair tutorial. Isn’t that enough?

I feel a  bit vixen-ish in this dress. I don’t know why– it’s exactly the same as Monday’s dress with exception of the colors, but something about it reminds me of… Marilyn Monroe. Or someone like that. Maybe it’s the hair. I rarely curl my hair (or wear it down, for that matter), and it’s so big and fluffy right now. I love it.

For any of you that have emailed me or commented on Facebook (or on this blog), I most likely won’t have time to answer you until tomorrow. It’s my first real day off since I’ve gotten home from camp, so I can finally sit down and answer everyone. But I’m not ignoring you, I promise!

I keep forgetting to mention: this lipstick is pretty close to my natural lip color, for those of you that had wanted to know what lipstick I was wearing when I wasn’t wearing lipstick. It’s Cover Girl’s Lip Perfection in Feline. 

And once again… it’s so weird to me to see my collarbones in pictures. SO weird. Not that I wish to be bony, but this is coming from a girl who was once 40 pounds overweight. I used to want to be 135lbs, but I think 145 might suit me better. (That’s three pounds away from where I am now. No, I’m not concerned with losing the weight. I just like my numbers to be on zeros or fives. I know. I’m weird.)

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have dishes to do, a room to clean, a cat to cuddle, and a movie to finish.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  • Linda

    That looks so nice on you! Even with the funny 80’s belt. I know that probably sounds mean. Not meant to be. It’s so funny to see someone your age wearing something from so long ago that most of considered to be horrible styles, but you make it look great. If I were to wear it however someone would just say oh you are wearing your really old clothes that you saved.

    • Mara

      Haha! No, that totally makes sense. I think it’s really funny how the styles are evolving back into the seventies and eighties currently. But I think some pieces work in any era if you style them right (like the belt). I never thought of it as “eighties” because I have other belt clasps for it that are antique, but I guess the color scheme and shape is a bit eighties. 😉
      Hey, I’m an eighties baby. That can be my excuse. Right?

      • midnitechef

        Now anything from 1990 could be called “vintage” because it’s over 20 years old. That scares me because I REMEMBER 1990! I love the outfit and the belt though 😛 (and we are the same weight!)

  • Jamie Rose

    I love that belt you’re wearing! Very cool! And that dress looks great on you. I love the colors in it – they look great with your skin tone!

  • Demy

    Awweeeesome tutorial! I really like watching you, your voice is so…nice! 😀 haha! I’m weird, but you get what I mean! I’m definitely gonna try this braid. You see, my haircut is such that doesn’t allow me to make a normal braid, because hairs are flying everywhere lol, so I can only make fishtail and french braid. So yeah, thank you very much for this wonderful tutorial! 😀 And a question, what does ‘blooper’ mean? I mean, I could google it, but my boredom wouldn’t let me 😛
    And as for the dress, the first thing I thought was “Oh, yesterday she was Marian and today she’s Marilyn!” 😀 Indeed, the shape of the dress is kinda Merilyn-ish 😀 ANd the belt is cute, it makes the dress even better and it shows off the colors of it! Love the ring and the shoes as well! You are beautiful 🙂 Enjoy your day off!! 😀

    • Mara

      It’s okay, you’re not the only one who has said they like my voice– I’ve had people tell me that in person, too. 😀
      Yeah, mine won’t braid normally, either– it’s too short and too layered. So the French-braiding down the side works perfectly! You’re welcome!
      A “blooper” is a mess up– like when I stuttered while trying to say “probably won’t work for you.” 😀
      I will definitely be enjoying my day off! (Tomorrow. I had to go back in to work today to cover for someone else. It’s a good thing I love my job!)

  • Kelly

    Hmmm… surprised no one commented on the lucky penny yet… Well I noticed! 😀
    Was it on purpose? I kinda like it! It’s just a fun detail! Lovely dress and hair! … as always! 😉

  • Holly

    Mara, I can’t french braid on my own hair but still loved the tutorial. You have the Cutest voice ever. I loved it hehe. Looks like you still had fun making it, and I love the unedited vids x

    • Mara

      I only learned because my mom would never do my hair, since I’d always pull it out the minute she did anything to it. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway. And thank you.:D