The thrifter strikes again!

Since I won’t be able to do an outfit picture today (dead camera. Also, busy life), and I went thrift shopping again, I will instead give you a sneak peek at the things I bought.

And ahead of time, I apologize for the quality of the pictures/the dressing-room shots. My camera’s batteries died, thus… they’re all phone-camera pictures.

First, the six blouses (all button-up) in their various patterns:

Second, two skirts:

This one, I will be hemming one or two inches.

And I know I am not supposed to do this, but for this skirt I am going to try to lose five pounds. I love everything about it– the style, the cut, the buttons, the high waist. AH! It’s perfection. Five less pounds, and it would fit like a dream. (It was $2.50. Worth trying to lose five pounds for. And I should point out that it may look like it fits just fine, but I sat down in it and most of the buttons– which are snap buttons– popped open. That could create some awkward situations, ya know?)

Thirdly,  three dresses:

The quirky print that I half think is crazy and half love (I bought that belt, too.)

The beautiful, beautiful vintage dress that doesn’t quite fit me but that– since I’m losing five pounds for that skirt– will eventually fit just fine… that I couldn’t pass up.

And lastly, the GORGEOUS red gown I found. I am in love. It’s not the most flattering picture, but oh well. I am in love with this dress.

To give you an idea of what it takes to find these things:

I tried on 52 garments, and left with eleven.

I also bought a black and white ladybug brooch, and an elephant brooch.  Which my phone’s camera refuses to take a  good picture of.
Budget: $60. Money spent: $59.08. Average cost per item: $4.50

I hope to be back with outfit pictures tomorrow. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!