Let’s pretend.

Let’s pretend that I’ve hemmed this skirt to a more flattering length, that I’m not really American (oh, yes, definitely that one), that I’m a secretary from 1943 who has a dashing employer(preferably one that looks like Toby Stephens) that will one day sweep me away to live in an Edwardian-style mansion where we will live happily ever after… and that you will all unequivocally agree that the larger pictures are better.

Let’s also pretend that I’m really going to wear this all day because I don’t have to go to work and be practical. Or perhaps let’s pretend that I can wear this to work because it never gets too hot for wool in the stand, and this skirt isn’t dry-clean-only after all.

And let’s pretend that if I look directly at the camera, I will die, and that’s why I couldn’t seem to meet the lens’s blinking gaze today.

Oh, and let’s not pretend that this shirt is awesome, because we all know that it really is awesome and there is no pretending required to admit that.

And lastly, let’s pretend that my camera didn’t die before I got the chance to take a close-up of my shoes. And let’s pretend I didn’t exclaim at its blinking dying batteries light, “that’s a lie! That is a total lie!” right before it died.

See? Isn’t pretending fun?

We should also pretend that I have an unlimited budget, that I don’t have to do things like dishes and cleaning today, and that there was a bookshelf at work with hundreds of really amazing books to read. And that it’s not embarrassing when you’ve gone to the thrift store so much that one of the employees there wonders aloud to you “so for a person working as a barista, you sure come here a lot.”

Because that’s totally not an insinuation that you spend too much time at the thrift store/spend too much money at the thrift store/possibly have an addiction to thrift shopping. Which you don’t. *ahem*

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pretend chores are fun.

P.S. If you have any book suggestions, suggest them please! I need books to read at work. I like mysteries, adventure-type stories, period romances, and picture books.

Details: Shirt ($4.99), skirt ($5.99), belt ($1.99), brooch ($4.99), and cardigan (n/a), thrifted; shoes($20), Target; scarf and purse, procured from someone in my childhood. Approximate outfit cost: $37.96
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