A little hiatus.

I won’t be able to blog again until Monday, as I’m going camping this weekend and tomorrow is going to be hectic… and I wasn’t able to take any pictures of  my outfit other than webcam ones, because my camera’s batteries died and I didn’t have the other ones charged.  So here are the three webcam snapshots of what I wore this morning (because it was far too hot in the shop to wear this denim skirt at work):

  And also: the cutest owl mug ever.

Isn’t it darling?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I might be able to shoot of a really, really fast outfit post in the morning if I get up early enough, but otherwise… I’ll be back to blogging on  Monday. Ish.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do the dishes.

Someone should mail me a dishwasher. Or a robot that does dishes. Or self-washing dishes. Or, you know, a fantastically handsome man-slave that will wash my dishes and adore me to no end.

Although that last option could get a little awkward to explain, seeing as I still live with my family…

But… you know. I wouldn’t mind.

Details: Shirt, given to me by a friend; Skirt ($2.50), belt ($0.99), and utterly adorable owl mug ($0.50), thrifted; shoes (not pictured, $12.95), Target; necklace and ring, belonged to my mother. Borrowed without the intention to return. Approximate outfit cost:  $16.44