I don’t have much to say today, because I need to leave… except that I hate the camera. It was being nice with the lighting and everything was proper until I changed a detail in my outfit, and then suddenly it decided that everything needed to be brighter. And I’ve tried figuring out how to change the lighting manually, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. Ah well.

My shirt has Alice in Wonderland on it… which is why I’m holding a  bunny. And why this post is called “Wonderland.”

In case you didn’t get that.

It’s not really why I look so lost, though.

But it IS why I crouched under a bush and studied the ground as if something had been there. Only my camera died before I could make a series of pictures that actually made sense, so all you get is that one. Make up your own imaginary series to go with it.

 I’m off! I hope you’re all having a beautiful Tuesday!

Details: Dress and shirt, given to me by a friend; shoes, somewhere around $10; bow, self-made from scraps. Approximate outfit cost: what…you can’t count the one item by yourself? 

P.S. I haven’t officially started the 30 for 30 yet (I was going to wait till next week, after camping), but all of these clothing items are on my list… so…this is outfit #1.  That works, right? Yes. It does. My blog, my rules. Kthxbai!