Remix, repeat, rewear… etc…

 I know, I know. I just wore this skirt… that is actually a dress. And I also said I probably wasn’t going to blog today. Well. It’s my blog, my rules. So there.

I keep forgetting that I was going to do the 30-for-30 challenge, which… I am going to do it once I start house-sitting next week, and I haven’t bought anything new since I decided not to spend my tips in August, but I think that I am rendering the “first” outfit of 30-for-30 to be null and void.

Oh well.

Guess how long it took me to shoot my outfit pictures today?

Five minutes.

Yep, you read that right. Five minutes was all I thought I had, so I set the timer to take 10 pictures consecutively, and I  made a wish that a few of them would turn out okay. Apparently, I get a little more kooky when I don’t have any time.

Yeah. I don’t really know. This one, too:

I’m not sure what’s going on with the leaning forward. I’m like the leaning tower of Pisa. Ready to topple at any moment.

And in half the pictures, I’d managed to cut off my toes:

But hey. At least the rest of me is well and present. Right?

It’s going to be one of those days where I’m going to wish that I hadn’t worn something so pretty to work,because the nice 70 degree weather outside renders the 5’x7′ workspace inside to be completely miserabl and broiling hot, despite the fan and the sea breeze.  And by the end of the day, I’ll be sweaty and gross. So I might change for work, then change back  into this once I get home. It happens a lot.

By the way, I was very, very excited that I can get my hair into a ponytail now! Ah! It’s getting longer. Finally.

Also, I was excited that I remembered to eat breakfast today.

Yes. It was as good as it looks. Or probably better. Oatmeal topped with a banana, some honey, and some half-n-half. Oh, and as usual… coffee. Best oatmeal combination I’ve made yet. It’s nice to have finally found a food I like to eat at breakfast time!

By the way (or not so by the way), I may have to do away with the outfit archives page, as it’s taking up some of my photo space and I’m kind of cheap (and poor) and don’t want to get a space upgrade. So if the outfit archives page suddenly disappears, that’s why.

I’d better go get ready for work (and finish packing for camping).

Have a beautiful weekend! I’ll see you on Monday.

Details: dress/skirt, given to me by a friend; shirt($2.50) and belt ($1.99), thrifted; shoes, too old to remember. Approximate outfit cost: $4.49