Feels like fall

 I don’t have much to say today. I have a friend over (she’s watching me. It’s weird) and we’re going to do a photoshoot with vintage/Victorian-esque dresses.

My mom made me another hat. And I love it.

She says if anyone would like a hat, she’ll make (and sell) you one. For $12. 😉 So let me know!

Ah, I almost forgot! I’ve started a new (and easier) challenge: an owl a day. As you probably noticed, I have a lot of owls. And since I wear them almost all the time anyway, I figured it’d be fun to incorporate all the owls I own into outfits or posts (some of them aren’t wearable.)

And I’m off! I forgot to do a pricing picture, but the skirt, shirt, and boots are thrifted, the belt was sent to me by Arathi, the ring is from Target, and the cardigan is from JC Penney. My brother bought me the scarf. And, as you know, my mom made the hat.

Have a lovely Thursday!


  • Demy

    Hiii!!! Aww your momma is SO awesome! I wish I could buy such a cute hat, and maybe I will, $12 is good (not that I know how it costs in euro hahah -whatever :P). The color is perfect! Well, I have to admit that the blue one was prettier, but I have a thing for blue, so don’t pay attention to me 😛 As for the outfit, I love EVERYthing! The scarf is adorable and well…you know my feelings for your boots <3 <3 <3!!!
    And as for an-owl-a-day challenge, THAT's a challenge you'll definitely DEFINTELY complete! But, to be honest, I'm not sure if you'll manage to wear ooonly one owl per outfit hahaha 😛 Looking forward to all the awesome outfits!
    Now I have to go study, because tonight I'm celebrating my b-day, which is tomorrow! hehe! My friends are going to make a surprise to me with a birthday cake and they think I don't know it hahaha 😛 😛

    • Mara

      Yes, she is the best. 😀 Hehe. I love the color of this one and the style of the blue one. If they were combined, that would be my favorite!
      Let me know if you ever decide you want one. 😀
      Thank you, love!
      Haha, yeah. I’ll have no problem with the owl-a-day. Like you said, I might have trouble only wearing ONE. Because I love them. 😀
      Happy early Birthday!!!

  • sexybird79

    Mara, you know what? I will take your mom up on the offfer of making a hat for $12. That’s an awesome deal. Can you give me the details of how she wants to receive payment? I would like the teal color you had on the other day.

    • Mara

      She’ll be making it up for you asap! She has a paypal account, although she’s not quite sure how to use it yet. So I’ll email you as soon as she’s figured that out– I may try to set up a little blog for her where she can showcase the hats she makes and have a paypal thing on there directly. 😉

  • Jamie Rose

    I love your hat! The color is fantastic and it’s just adorable. I’m liking the idea of an owl a day. I can’t wait to see all the cute owls in your collection.