As if I wasn’t girly enough already, today I feel like a culmination of everything it means to be feminine. Pink? Check. Purple? Double check. Heels? Of course! Shiny things? Yes. Everywhere. Painted nails? For once, check. Twirly skirt? Well… close enough.

It’s rare that even I feel too girly, but this outfit… I feel like a doll. In a weird way.

But not enough that I’m going to change.

My man and I are going  job-hunting today. He makes custom furniture for people from his house, but he’d like a “real” job, and me… well, I just want to have a budget for thrift shopping again.

So I’m dropping off my resume at the million-and-three coffee stands within a twenty-minute radius of my house, and he’s… I don’t actually know where he’s going to apply.

If I look tired to you, it’s because… I am. I stay up too late.

And no, in case you were wondering… I don’t ever wear any other shoes.


Because I think he’s ravishingly handsome, and I may or may not have this picture as my computer background just so that I can minimize my desktop windows to swoon.

Yes. You should be jealous that I found him first.