Fashion Blogger Cliché

I have finally succumbed to the thing it seems all fashion bloggers do: pose in front of a (mostly) brick wall. In this case, it was an empty house at a waterfront park and I wanted to move into said house… because hey, everyone loves a brick house! Right?

Other fashion blogger-type things in these pictures: wearing leg-shortening, vintage-looking boots with a dress; skirts belted at the waist; ginormous earrings.

Shucks, I’m full of clichés today.

But hey, at least I had fun and I felt like a cowgirl! Or… something. Mr. Owl isn’t sure he approves of these shoes– he saw them and said “What do you think it is, 1850?”

He has the same sentiment about my maxi dresses. Sometimes he’s no fun at all.

Although I do have to admit that maxi dresses aren’t the most flattering thing on me, nor are short boots (or booties of any kind),  so he may have a point. Not that I’m fully going to listen to him…

And above: the closest I will ever get doing the Marilyn Monroe pose. Because: I didn’t do it on purpose; I don’t own a white dress with a scandalous neckline; I’m not blonde; I would never stand above an air vent with a dress on.

And also, most of the time I tend to pose more like this:

I know. It’s graceful. Especially the leg. And the ducklips. (I never thought I’d go so low…)

And, perhaps because he didn’t particularly like them with my outfit, Mr. Owl neglected to take a picture of my shoes… and I was too distracted by the wind/skirt combo (a bad thing) and the ukulele/cello players (two of them) in the park to remind him of that particular detail. But I love these shoes, so you’ll see them up close some other time.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this belt is genuine leather and made in the U.S. Seriously. Nothing seems to ever be made here. All the cool stuff is imported from other countries.

Also, the shoes are leather.

More reasons why I love thrift stores.

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

Side note: it seems that, in switching to Disqus comments, either Disqus or my computer was having difficulties importing all of my old wordpress comments into the Disqus format… so they aren’t showing up. I’m still trying to get them to come back, but if you notice that there are no comments on posts before this… it’s probably because Disqus and my computer think that importing thousands of old comments is too hard.

But hopefully eventually I’ll figure out how to get my old comments to show up.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, I have officially ended my 30 days of dresses. I got to day 20 and then my resolve went kaput.

Oh, well.


  • Salazar

    Those shoes are awesome! Booties don’t look great on me either (except when I wear them with jeans), but I think you’re rocking it.

    • Mara

      Yeah, these probably do look a lot better with jeans, but I really wanted to wear them and pants didn’t sound fun that day. 😀

  • Demy

    Hi! 🙂 Hahaha, this post is so awesome! Yeah, maybe these are cliches, but you’re SO funny! And I have this feeling that Mr. Owl takes a bunch of photos that you are making gestures and only a few “serious” pics hahah! I always love the silly ones, they’re so funny 😀 Also, this outfit is one of my favorites! I LOVE the color of your top and this skirt…it just makes me happy! It’s beautiful! And let Mr. Owl think whatever he wants for the boots. Tss…men and fashion, not a good combination (although I have to say that Mr. Owl is indeed really really fashionable!!!). Anyway, I digress! I like these booties so much, they’re cute! And I bet they look even more cool with jeans, rocker chic for the win! Hope you’ll fix this thing with the comments. Byee :*

    • Mara

      Hehe, I’m glad it made you laugh! And you’re right– most of the pictures we take are of me not being serious. 😀 

  • Loren Cline

    I think the booties are awesome. Even if they are ‘leg-shortening’.
    Also if you are doing blogger cliche’s you forgot to talk about the weather. 😉

  • Jamie Rose

    Aw I don’t think this outfit is too blogger cliche at all! I love the booties! Thrift stores really are awesome. That’s where I found my leather pair of ankle boots. I also get a ton of leather belts for super cheap too. 

    • Mara

      Hehe, well I’m glad you like it! Being blogger cliche isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess, unless the cliche in question is some horribly unflattering one. 😉
      Thrift stores are the best!

  • Feathers & Freckles

    You look so pretty! I love the brick background, and I laughed out loud at “what do you think it is, 1850?”  Totally something my fiance would say!! Well, I love them and I think they look great with this skirt 🙂 

    • Mara

      Thank you!
      Yeah, I think his comments about my maxi dresses and vintage shoes are funny sometimes. I just smile and say “Yes. I do.” Of course, he doesn’t have a problem with the shoes if they’re with jeans… 😀

  • Jess

    Oh brother, my dad would totally say the 1850 thing. Though I get back at him by making fun of his straight outta Cronkite reading glasses. Yikes. And can I just say that I love a good Walmart skirt? I mean really. There are some gems in there.

    • Mara

      Haha! I wish my boyfriend had something as ridiculous as those glasses so I could come back at him. Unfortunately (okay, actually fortunately) he has really good style sense and doesn’t need glasses, so about the only thing I could get him for would be his penchant for wearing ridiculous hats. But even that he doesn’t do very often.
      I always forget I should check Walmart more often. They do have some good skirts!

    • Mara

      Haha! Or… something. 😀 I’m glad they  make you smile. I have way too much fun bugging Mr. Owl with my goofy poses sometimes.