The Ocean Shores

Mr. Owl and I took a vacation to the ocean yesterday; it being Labor Day, he had the day off (a rare occasion!), so we took a much-needed trip away from home. I have been wanting and needing to get away for a while. With all the wedding planning now, vacations are even more appreciated! Especially when they’re to the ocean. I have always loved the ocean.

We spent almost the entire day there, wasting time laying in the sun that warmed the sand-dunes, listening to the constant roar of ocean, chasing waves and being chased by waves. By the end of the day we were pleasantly tired, mentally rested (I was, anyway), and unpleasantly sunburnt (well… he was, anyway).

We chased a flock of birds like little kids, and stood bravely challenging the waves to come and wash over our legs (and, occasionally, ran away when the water looked too scary.) But, mostly, we just lay in the sand and enjoyed each-others’ company and the warmth of the sun and the rush of the sea.

It was the perfect day.

{Thrifted} Cardigan  $5.99 | Belt $0.99 | Skirt  $5? | Shoes: $6.99
{Target} Shirt: $8 | Tights $2.50

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!


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