The Eighties Called…

You guys (er… girls…) I have a problem.


See, I bought this dress to sell. I picked it off the rack at a thrift store because it looked absolutely crazy on the hanger and I had to try it on (I do that a lot), and then discovered that the shoulder-pads, stretchy fabric, and pockets– not to mention the houndstooth pattern– were totally awesome, plus it’s vintage, and I thought maybe I could list it in my soon-to-be-opened vintage shop. But then I took it home, styled it with these tights and this belt and these shoes, and fell in love.

And I never, ever thought I would admit falling in love with an 1980’s shoulder-padded button-back dress. Ever. But here we are.


And then, as I was finishing up my photo session for the shop, my husband walked through the door, looked at me in the dress, laughed, and said skeptically “Isn’t that a little… eighties…?”


I don’t think even the very fitted skirt of this dress can entice him to like it. And I am totally, unashamedly a girl who will dress for her man. Well… up to the point where he wants me to look like a hippie. I love him, but I’m just not a hippie-style kind of girl.

Anyway. That’s my conundrum. Sell the dress like I’d originally planned — and I already have one friend who wants me to sell it so she can buy it– or keep it because it is unusual and funky and edgy, and possibly feel slightly out-of-place wearing it because my husband is skeptical of its awesomeness.


Weigh in for me. Sell, or keep?


And take into account that I might possibly never get the courage to wear it anywhere if I were to keep it. It’s not my usual silhouette or length or neckline or ANYTHING. Which is why I should probably sell it even though I love how different it is.


Vintage: Dress
Thrifted: Heels, belt
Kohl’s: Tights
1980’s: awesomeness

Also, I have another question you might help me with: what is the fashion community/website where they decide once a month on a certain trend to wear, and bloggers submit their outfits? Such as, the challenge/trend is lace, so everyone submits an outfit post with lace. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called and I SO want to start participating in that again. But I can’t find it. Help?

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Happy Wednesday!


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  • Jen C

    That’s a toughie and I know exactly how you feel. My husband’s taste is far different from mine so pleasing him with my outfits can be challenging sometimes. I’m having a similar issue in my post today…bought a dress cuz the hubs liked it & now I don’t know how to style it.

    Being totally new to your blog (hopped over from Kendi), I think this dress suits you quite well. Love the polka dot tights & the fit on you. But I totally understand feeling like you’ll never wear it. I say keep it – you might surprise yourself with how much you end up wearing it!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Isn’t it hard sometimes? I love to dress for my husband, and although I do occasionally keep something despite his opinion (and sometimes his opinion changes for the better), I tend to do my best to dress pretty for him. (Cuz let’s face it, having your husband think you look good is the thing that can make or break an outfit, no matter what anyone else says!)

      Thank you! I love Kendi, she has such great style doesn’t she? This dress is really different from my normal flared skirt and fitted top outfit, but it IS fun to be different. And I agree, I never know how much I might actually wear it!

  • Mereana Beconcini

    oooh I like a lot!! I’m inspired to dig through to some thrift shops to get some 80s dresses! I think you should keep as it is a very flattering style on you. But only if you will wear it, otherwise enjoy the photos and sell 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! It’s really fun to find stuff like this; it seems like sometimes, I find great pieces at my thrift stores in abundance, and other times I can’t find anything at all. So it was exciting to find this! Good luck finding some great items yourself!
      I’m still torn. I might see if I can style it other ways before I decide whether to keep or sell it.

  • Little Queenie

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I’m going to be honest: the dress looks fabulous on you! This was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the first picture. The fit goes great with your figure and you kind of look mature in it. Not that you look childish usually (at all 🙂 !) but this one makes you look like this i-have-it-all-together-woman hehe.

    Besides, your hair looks great in these pictures!

    Good luck deciding ;).


    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! It is definitely different from the norm, and I know what you mean; I think this dress is already sort of an outfit in itself, so it’s really easy to style and look put-together. Plus, it’s a more mature cut than a full skirt. I’ve noticed pencil-skirts tend to look more mature and put-together than a-line skirts.
      🙂 Thank you again!

  • Dani

    I think it looks fabulous on you! Definitely a keeper, unless you really think you won’t wear it much. The lower half is fitted enough that maybe a skirt would work well over it? Then again, I love a good houndstooth, so take my words with a grain of salt, lol. 😀

    And are you thinking of Everybody, Everywear? I don’t think they’ve updated it in a few months which is super sad, cuz I love their challenges!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you Dani! That’s what I was thinking; it might work with a skirt over it since the lower half is so fitted. I’m planning to go home and put together a few outfits with it; the make or break thing is whether I can style it other ways or not! And whether I can get my husband to like it. 😉

      YES! Thank you! I have been wracking my brain forever and google-searching random things in hopes of finding it. I kept thinking Who, What, Wear but that definitely isn’t it. So yes, it was Everybody, Everywear. It’s sad they haven’t updated in a while, I loved their challenges too!

  • Jess

    It looks so so cute on you! I never would have thought to pick it out, but I love it- especially with the polka dot tights! My vote is to sell it, though. Simply because when I am shopping at thrift stores, I force myself to answer the questions a) Is it in great condition and b) Will you actually wear it? If the answer to either is no, I don`t get it. Or I`m not supposed to let myself get it 😉

    Some Snapshots Blog

  • Salazar

    Well, maybe try ripping out the shoulder pads? I like how different it is, but if you’re 100% sure you’re never going to wear it, then perhaps it’s better to sell.

    I saw that Dani has already answered your question with Everybody, Everywear, but there’s one similar challenge going around right now called “Trend of the Month” by Marionberry Style (coincidentally, the challenge for March IS lace!)

  • anon

    I can’t speak as to whether or not you should keep it but for the record, I think it looks amazing on you! I feel like it’s one of those things I would never pick up but seeing it on you makes me want it so bad!

  • Hanninni

    I´d go for keeping it.

    Try something different and I´m sure one day your going somewhere your husband wont be around and doesnt see the dress.
    I love this dress its looking great and not that eighties I would have expected when reading the title.

  • The Rag Trade

    I love how you styled this look, it’s oh so classy! You look great, I love that dress on you and those shoes are simply perfect!

  • Sarah With A Bow

    If I were you, I’d keep it. But I regularly wear really short things, funky clothes, etc. If you honestly don’t think you’ll wear it… why take up space in your closet? I would prepare a listing and then decide if you feel too torn to part with it, haha. Or just give it to your friend and enjoy seeing in on her?

  • Sarah H.

    I think you should wear it out one time (so you can enjoy an 80s-tastic day), and then sell it to someone who will wear it more often! I mean if it’s already vintage, what’s one more wear?


    P.S. I’d love it if you would visit my blog, Sarah’s Real Life!

  • Jamie Rose

    You need to keep this. It fits you perfectly and it’s different than anything else you own! I absolutely love the houndstooth print and the buttons down the back. I don’t think it looks too 80’s at all. Especially paired with the dotted tights. The mixed prints is really current and it just looks so cute on you!

  • Sarah Whiting

    I’m so late to this, buuuuuut… You should keep it for a month or two, or three. If you don’t wear it even once during that time, sell it. If you wear it, but felt awkward, sell it. Otherwise keep it. Almost everything I own is something my husband likes to see me in, but sometimes I have an outfit just for me because I love how it looks on me. This one could be that for you…

    PS I probably will buy this if you do sell it… but then you’ll have to make me wear it. 😉

    • Sarah Whiting

      Or, you know, Sarah With A Bow has a great suggestion… just give it to ME!!! (I don’t know if it was me you were talking about in your post, but I definitely do want this dress.)

  • Kristi Beitler

    I like this look on you. I think there are going to be times when your husband isn’t always going to agree with your fashion choices, but if you love it, rock it. Then again if you don’t think you’ll wear it passing it on is a good option. I just bought this incredible 1940s dress that’s way too big for me and the proportions are way off for me but I just couldn’t pass it up. Who knows what I’ll do with it, but for now, it’s in my closet.