Chevron Stripes


I won a giveaway for The Jean Girl a month or so ago, and after lots of indecision I finally decided to go with this adorable chevron striped dress. It was so hard to choose from their many awesome items– I also got this mint shirt, which I love. IMG_1246The dress is a little bit shorter than I had hoped– online, she’s wearing a skirt extender which looks adorable but makes it hard to see the length– but I still love it!IMG_1248


How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic; I didn’t really have a super high-key birthday, but we went and explored a small town nearby, wandered lots of antique stores, and just had fun being together.

And he made me breakfast in bed, got me a dozen roses, some chocolate, a TARDIS cookie jar, and a pretty shirt. And some cute owl tissues that I will never use because they’re too cute.

He had meant to take me to the zoo and out to dinner, but then the weather started to get yucky and we went out for lunch instead. So he’s still going to take me out to dinner, just later this week. And all I  know is it’s a really fancy restaurant. I’m excited!


I also have a super huge surprise that I cannot WAIT to share, but I’m going to have to wait. Ugh, I’m terrible at keeping secrets. IMG_1251

I’m still writing up a storm, thankfully, and I’ve started to get LOTS of ideas for the story I’m working on and other stories. I really hope that this is my re-entry into the writing world. After an almost two-year dry spell, I really miss creating stories that just pull you in and keep you spellbound. I miss imagination!  I hope it’s back to stay. Forever.

IMG_1255 IMG_1258 IMG_1266 IMG_1268


The Jean Girl: Dress
C/O Firmoo: Glasses
Thrifted: Heels, belt
Forever 21: Ring
Mom’s: necklace

 I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! So far, so good.

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  • Kate Brown

    A belated happy birthday! This dress was a great choice, it looks gorgeous! I love the colour combos, great for the Spring 🙂

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you! I really love the colors, too. They can go pastel for spring, or bright for summer. And it’s such a nice material… and also, I forgot to mention that it can be worn backwards or forwards (Right now it’s backwards. The “front” is a straight-across neckline).

  • Beth Woody

    Is the surprise that you’re preggers??? I’m probably way off, but I was just thinking to myself the other day, “Hey, I wonder when Kristina will have babies! Because goodness knows she’d be a great mum! And then she could do all kind of maternity fashion posts…” and I got all excited for you and stuff. 😛 Also, a lot of my friends and coworkers are pregnant right now, so it was on my mind.

    By the by, I love those shoes soooo much, but since they were thrifted, I can’t go to the source to buy a similar pair! I have a blue velvet dress that I bought in an antique store, so regular heels don’t go with it. I was looking on Modcloth for a vintage style, but I’m wary of getting a blue that clashes. But I’m determined to get a pair that go with it!!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Hahaha! I KNEW someone was going to guess that! But no. So far as I know, I am not pregnant yet. We’re going to start trying soon ish though!

      Modcloth often has similar shoes to this style! If you check periodically enough, you can find good ones on sale. 😀
      I SO want to see your blue velvet dress!!!

      • Beth Woody

        Hehehe! Well, here I am, the one to guess it! 🙂

        When I get a pair of shoes to go with it, you shall have pictures!! I have a few pictures of me in the velvet from last trip to England, but we were mostly in dark rooms and the theatre, so you can’t tell how gorgeous the dress is.

  • Jamie Rose

    The colors in this dress are so pretty! Such a fun print too. I don’t think it looks too short on you at all. You’re still tastefully covered! I love how perfectly your belt compliments your dress too.
    And hooray surprises!

  • Salazar

    Love the pattern – it looks so fun and summer-like, I imagine it would make a great dress for the beach!

    If you have any tip on getting back into writing, please share! I’m so sick of my writer’s block…

  • Mattea Norman

    SUCH a cute dress, great pattern and great colors! I love that it feels almost like waves instead of chevron, how beachy 🙂

  • Marlen

    aw that dress is SO super pretty! i like its sherbert colors, it reminds me of summer 🙂 and how cool that you won it too- it’s like a freebie! And happy birthday girlie, your day with the hubs sounds so sweet. I love dragging Marc along to antique stores too haha! And I didn’t know you write!! You should totally share snippets of it on here, I’d love to read it 🙂

    xo Marlen
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