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My mom bought me this outfit. Sort of. Well, really, she had offered to buy me a maternity outfit, and while at Goodwill I found this shirt and these pants, both maternity, so I called her and asked if she wanted to buy it for me. Or… pay me back for it. Haha!

Which worked for both of us, because then I was able to get a few more items aside from this, and she hates shopping.

But can I just say that I preened in the mirror for about five minutes before realizing I really just needed to buy the whole shebang? The shoes are from Goodwill as well, as is the necklace. *ahem* I’m a little addicted to thrift store shopping, what can I say?

1 But really, it’s just difficult for me to justify buying a $50 pair of maternity pants (Kohl’s), or even a $36 pair (Motherhood, Target) when I only have three months left of being pregnant. Obviously, I’ll be pregnant again in the future, but y’know. I’d rather get jeans that were under $10 (and look brand-new) for a temporary period, and then spend more money on baby stuff!

5 One thing I really love about maternity shirts is how much more they emphasize the ever-growing bump! It’s way too fun.

I’ve been waiting for the (I’ve heard) inevitable strangers-rubbing-the-belly circumstance, but so far no takers! Maybe because I’m always with my husband. Or… I don’t know, people aren’t as outgoing in this town. I do get a lot of questions (how far along, what gender, name, etc) which is fun, though, and the girl at the Starbucks we go to for Sunday morning coffee is always really sweet and talkative now.

6 Tomorrow, we’re having a Hobbit party! It’s Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday (and ALSO the first day of fall!), and it’s totally going to be a yearly tradition to do this. I’m going to make seedcake, scones (with my homemade jam!), roast chicken, and meringue mushrooms (because we don’t like real mushrooms), and we’ll have some fancy blocks of cheese and crackers, and tea and coffee. And we’ll have The Hobbit playing in the background. And probably veggies, because I’m going through a phase. That I hope sticks.

The only sad thing is that we were only able to invite two people because we have a small house and very little seating. Still, it should be fun! 7PicMonkey Collage

9 Does anyone else ever celebrate nerdy LOTR days?

I think our Hobbit calendar should definitely have Hobbit holidays (or even just Middle Earth ones) marked on it, but it doesn’t. Oh well. THe pictures of the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf are good enough.

Now, instead of saying “It’s (insert month here)” we’ve been saying it’s the month of whatever character is pictured. So this month is Gandalf month. This baby is going to grow up SO addicted to (or tired of) Lord of the Rings.

2Shirt, pants, flats, and necklace: thrifted | bow ring: Forever 21

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


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  • Salazar

    That sounds awesome, but if I know anything about the parent/child relationship, I’d say don’t count on that kid loving LOTR when he grows up 😛

  • Heather-Joan Carls

    Your baby bumb is sooo adorable. The shirt fits you well and I think the color looks so smashing on you. I knew if I had ever been able to be pregant, I would show mine off too. I wish my best friend, when she had been pregant, she had shown hers off too. Maybe she will in the future ???
    I shop over at Salvation Army a lot too. Their clothing selection is far and it is hard to find sizes 18/XL for me, but once in a while I do and I get books and sometimes I find things that I collect to bring home. It is a smaller store probably than the one you have. We also have a St, Vincent de Paul but I don’t really like going there. You had a good buy though. I can’t ever recall seeing maternity clothes at either once of our stores.
    Have a good Sunday, dear! 🙂

  • Elana

    Do I celebrate nerdy LotR days? You can bet I do!
    Today I dressed up as a hobbit, took pictures and then just hung around the house in my bare feet! 😉