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 You guys have no idea how difficult it was to take pictures today. I mean, getting out of bed is hard. Getting dressed in real clothes is a victory. And putting on my own shoes? That, my dears, is almost impossible. I mean, when you’re only six days away from your due date, it’s a miracle when you see your feet, much less reach them.

But after the struggle of getting clothes and shoes on, I triumphantly came downstairs only to realize that 1. it was raining, and 2. the tripod is in the car. Which my husband drove to work.

Still, I was determined. After all, this might be my last outfit post before the baby is born! So I rigged up a stool and a stack of books, set up the camera, and shot away. Only to realize then that I’d used a faulty card that refuses to read on my computer.

3 I may or may not have thrown the card across the room after several attempts to get it to read. There may or may not have been some tears. And then, thankfully, one last try got the card to read, and the pictures onto my computer safely.

So here it is! The pictures were slightly out of focus, but by the time I got to editing them I no longer cared. I wanted to post at least one more outfit, even if it’s pretty much the same thing I wore in our little 2014 family picture. This is my uniform these days. I judge everything I wear by whether it goes with this sweater, and since it’s been rainy I rarely go outside without boots.

4  Six days left, you guys. Six days until he’s due. He’s dropped– he dropped on the last day of family vacation — so I’m pretty sure he’s going to come by my due date, if not before. I’ve been feeling very sporadic (as in… one or two a day) contractions, and finally in the last week or so the exhaustion hit me. I’m not miserable, but definitely tired and ready to meet my little boy!

There are still a few lingering things I really want to get done before he comes, though. Clean the house (I SO want a nice clean home to return to when we have  him!), cook up a few batches of soups we can freeze and thaw for lunches to make eating easier, sew at least one thing with the new sewing machine my family got me for Christmas… finding the energy is hard. But today I think my list will just be cleaning.

I think I can do that!

96 Say hello to the 47″ belly. One of the women who works at Safeway looked at me, shocked, and said “It’s like you just shoved a balloon up your shirt! You don’t look pregnant ANYWHERE else!”

I’ve been so very blessed to have such a great pregnancy. I wish all women could feel as good as I have throughout their pregnancies, because even with the difficulty walking (groin soreness, I think I’ve mentioned; it gets worse when the baby drops), and being tired… I love being pregnant. I’m impatient to meet Asa, but I’m not miserable. Most of the time I just laugh at myself for the things I can’t do. Things on the floor? They stay there. Reaching my feet? Eh, I’ll see them later.

Occasionally getting trapped on the couch because I have to pee but Braxton Hicks mean leaning forward = peeing my pants? It happens. Haha! 10 11

At least I have a camera to tell me I still have toes, a husband to put on my socks and shoes, a mother to come wash my dishes and take me grocery shopping, and the luck to have discovered all those bad pregnancy symptoms were actually food related and not pregnancy related at all! 2
Cardigan c/o Oasap | Motherhood jeans | Thrifted shirt | JC Penney Boots

And soon, I’ll have a precious little baby to show for it! Six days.

I hope he comes early. I am ready, and so is Mr. Owl. Every day he asks me how I’m feeling, if there’s any regular contractions. Every day he rubs my belly and says “anything yet?” And every day, Asa kicks and rolls around and says “Eh… I think I’m still comfortable in here pushing around and getting the hiccups. I’ll wait a little longer.”

He’s going to be a busy baby. I can’t wait to see him!


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  • Katie Viola

    Oh my! Your pregnancy has gone by so fast. I can’t believe it’s almost time for your little guy to come into the world. I wish you the very best with your remaining pregnancy days and with your delivery! I can’t wait to read updates and see pictures of baby Asa! 🙂

  • Melissa McBride

    Oh my! It’s hard to believe you’re already at the end of your pregnancy. 🙂 You’ve been the cutest pregnant lady ever. Can’t wait to meet the lil’ one! He’ll be perfect, I’m sure.


  • Desarae

    Beautiful, as always. I’m so excited for you and Mr. Owl!! I’m keeping you in my prayers concerning the the right timing, smooth delivery and all that jazz. Hang in there momma, and thanks for sharing your journey with us. 🙂

  • Selective Potential

    Seriously – you are looking gorgeous, mama! I absolutely love seeing how you dress your body. Huge inspiration for me someday way in the far, far future. But I’m saving your photos – trust me. 😉

  • Marla Rogers

    You are absolutely stunning and I agree with the comment below…you’ve been such an inspiration for me to not be a slob all the time when I’m pregnant someday. Thank you for sharing with your readers :]