Valentine’s Day Lookbook: Retro


My husband bought me this dress last year for Valentine’s Day, and I was so thrilled with it… but disappointed because this particular dress runs larger, and the medium didn’t fit me, which meant we had to return it and wait for the smaller size. So I didn’t get to wear it for Valentine’s day. And since then, I was only able to wear it twice before I got pregnant. So I am really excited that it fits again, and it might be the winner for what I’m actually going to wear out on our dinner date tomorrow!


I mean… it’s just such a perfect dress! Twirly, gingham, heart pockets, retro… I don’t think there is anything that could make this dress any better. I am also wearing the earrings I wore for my wedding, which are just simple silver hearts, but it’s become a habit to wear them whenever we have a romantic holiday. Or our anniversary.


Today has been a long day. I am so thankful for my mom’s willingness to come over and watch Asa anytime I need her; I’m pretty sure he’s caught my cold, and last night he only slept for 3 hours. Which means… so did I. And throughout the day, we both only snoozed for maybe 20 minutes at a time. I was so relieved when mom offered to watch him so I could nap for a bit, and have a little me time to dress up pretty and take these pictures.


An invaluable tip for new moms: it’s okay to take some time to yourself. I’ve discovered that even just 15 minutes of not having to be in charge of the baby helps so much, especially when you have a sick baby that isn’t sleeping and cries all day, or when you’re still recovering from having the baby. It’s not a horrible thing to take a few minutes away from your child. In fact, I think it’s a very good thing to do. I’ve definitely had moments of mentally asking him “why can’t you just be quiet?” even though I know he’s just a baby and he doesn’t know any better, and he’s just as tired as I am, and he’s sick.


And in all honesty, I will probably mostly post all of the good things about motherhood, and not much of the bad things. Not because I want you guys to think my life is perfect, or being a mom is super easy, but because it does me absolutely no good to focus on the difficulties. When I let myself dwell on the difficult things, it only serves to make things worse in my mind, and I end up in a puddle of tears feeling overwhelmed. But when I focus on the good things, I can get through days like today much, much easier!

So, today was hard and we both cried. A lot. But today has also been wonderful, because he smiled at me for the first time ever, and cooed at me, too. He’s starting to recognize our faces, and I’m starting to be able to translate all of his sounds and cries. And now, when he smiles, it’s not just because he’s going to poop. Haha!

15 19

I hope you’ll forgive the mass amount of pictures today; I just love this dress a lot. Can you really blame me? So in love!

16 7

Modcloth Salty and Pepper Dress | Hand-me-down purse | Thrifted heels | Target earrings

I hope you have all had a good week! I’m excited for tomorrow; Mr. Owl and I are going on a little dinner date to a fancy restaurant. It’s a small thing, but I’m looking forward to time out alone with him, dressing up pretty, and eating yummy food.

Happy Thursday!


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  • Jamie Rose

    I’m sorry you had a rough day. At least there’s good days to look forward to after the bad ones.
    I definitely don’t blame you for posting so many pictures in this dress because you seriously look gorgeous! What a great present! I love love the whole retro feel of the dress. Your makeup is very pretty with it too.

  • Grace

    You look lovely and I am glad to hear you are taking a little time for yourself!! Don’t let anyone tell you that’s wrong. Our little boy had silent reflux and we didn’t know that for quite some time and the fussing and crying can really get to you some days and there were times when I would get so flustered I would have to put him in his crib and just walk around the house and breathe for a few minutes. When My sister in law and her husband had their baby they watched the video at the hospital about shaking a baby and the thing they thought was the most horrible was that the video adviced walking away from the baby for a few minutes. We all told them that it was good advice and they didn’t believe it until they had to do it too 🙂

    Grace e

  • Becca Lee

    This dress is gorgeous and you look amazing! I’m impressed that Mr Owl has such good taste in dresses! I hope you two had an amazing Valentine’s Day!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  • SomeCallMeQ

    I hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! This dress is fabulous and I’m so impressed with your husband’s taste and style.

    I must admit, it made me a little teary eyed to read about your mom helping you with the baby. It reminded me of one more thing I’m going to miss out on since my mom passed. You are very lucky to have a supportive mom that lives close. Give her an extra big hug and I hope Asa is feeling better.