Settling into Style


I think I have just discovered my ultimate perfect outfit: a swingy skirt in a good pattern, a simple top (preferably button up or really stretchy, because… nursing mom, you guys…), a belt (I’m addicted to belts, you might have noticed), and a simple piece of jewelry OR a scarf. And, of course, good shoes. But that’s a given. And the proportions have to be right– I hemmed this skirt up to the knee yesterday because it was just a few inches too long for my liking, and realized this length is definitely more flattering on me. So now I have a pile of skirts and dresses waiting to be hemmed up. The projects never end!


In other news, Mariah over at Rya Pie nominated me for the Liebster award, and while I’m too lazy to nominate people, I thought it would be fun to answer the questions. So here goes!

1. Describe your blog in one sentence, then elaborate.

A fashion blog out to show that modest doesn’t equal frumpy, motherhood doesn’t equal frazzled, and any body can be dressed well with the right clothes. Hah, to be honest, it took me a few minutes to figure out what one sentence I’d describe my blog with, but I think that’s pretty accurate. I want to prove that modest dressing doesn’t equal shapeless, ankle-length, buttoned-up-to-the-neck clothing. I want to show that just because I’m a mom (with only one kid so far, but still…) doesn’t mean suddenly I give up on style and taking care of my appearance. And I want to encourage women everywhere that no matter their weight or shape, they can look good. I mean, I now have a baby belly, I’ve always had a big butt, and I’m not generally friends with my thighs, but with the correct proportions I can draw attention to my small waist and long legs, and voila! Goodbye problem areas, hello almost-hourglass figure! (Not that I actually  mind the baby belly, to be honest, though!)

2. What do you love (or hate) about where you’re currently living?

A little of both: I love living in the country/woods/farm area, but I hate having a house with very few windows and practically no natural light. I can’t wait to move to a new house come April!

3. If you could get one thing ultimately out of your blog, what would it be?

That is a good question… um… I think if I could get one thing out of my blog it would be to help and encourage others in whatever way I can! I think some of my favorite posts have been those that I was able to list ways to deal with pregnancy or newborns or postpartum situations, because I know so many women out there, like myself, had no idea what to expect. And to be honest, it’s a nice feeling to know you’ve been helpful or encouraging to someone!

4. Do you have any pets? If yes, photos please!

Does this count?

1 HAHA! But no, sadly, not right now! I had a cat for nine years, but then I got married and the house we live in doesn’t allow pets. So she had to go.

5. Why did you first start blogging?

I actually started blogging as a place to write down my thoughts away from writing stories, years ago! Way before I got into fashion blogging. And then I started reading fashion blogs right around the time I’d just lost around 40 pounds, and I was tired of feeling frumpy in jeans and sweatshirts all the time, so I challenged myself to wear skirts for a week… and it stuck. And then I decided to start posting outfits, and… the rest is history!

6. Coke or Pepsi?

Can I say neither? I’m not a fan of soda, and I really can’t tell the difference enough to have a preference, hehe.

7. What is your favorite post to date?

That’s a hard question! This post is my favorite outfit to date, I think; and obviously… I love all of my wedding photos… um… yeah. I can’t think of any others!

8. What is your best embarrassing story? (Or any good one)

Oh, man. When I was around eight years old, I walked in on my grandpa going to the bathroom. Or almost walked in on him. Basically I opened the door, he yelled something about the bathroom being occupied, I slammed it shut… traumatizing, anyway.

9. What is the best place you’ve ever visited?

Hawaii. It’s the only cool place I’ve ever gone. And it was amazing. Plus, I went on my honeymoon, and we saw the first Hobbit movie while we were there. So that made it EVEN better!

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10. What is your favorite fashion trend? (Or was)

Full skirts of the 50’s. Is that a fashion trend? It was, I guess. I can’t think of a modern fashion trend going around that I really like that much… so… I’ll just go with full skirts, whenever that was a trend.

11. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I think I’d like to be a shape changer; wouldn’t it be cool to be able to change into whatever you wanted? I’d have a lot of fun with that.


Thank you Rya for nominating me and the fun questions!


Entire outfit thrifted

I hope you’re all having a good day! So far, today has been really good; Asa slept very well last night, so he’s been a doll all day. And now he’s napping in my lap while I blog and work, and I’m hoping to get started on a little dress makeover project later this evening. After I finish hemming a few skirts.

Happy Tuesday!


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  • katiemarie v

    This outfit really is perfect on you. I love all of it! I love that length of a skirt, that way when I bend over, none of my goodies are falling out 😉 What brand are those shoes? Super cute!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Exactly! I am okay with skirts that are a little bit shorter, but really this length is the best; you don’t have to worry about bending over or sitting down (it’s the worst to sit down and have cold seat on your legs!), plus it’s the most flattering length, I think. And… you know, it’s a twirly skirt, hehe!

      I have no idea what brand these shoes are; I’ve worn them so much that the brand is worn off, and I got them at Goodwill! I wish I knew, though, because I need more shoes like this!

  • Salazar

    I think that’s a good outfit formula to have. I need to remember it. Mostly I’ve just been so bored with my collection of skirts that I tend to reach for pants more.

    Also, I love that brooch, but then again I’m a brooch addict.