The Elephant in the Room


I was reading Amia‘s blog the other day, and came across her post in response to Marianne‘s post titled “Dare“, about a comment she had received from someone who disdainfully remarked that fashion blogging was just girls who think they’re pretty and they’re not, taking pictures of themselves and basically being vain. And I wanted to add my two cents about fashion blogging, because it’s something I think about quite often, and I don’t remember ever really posting about it.


When I started fashion blogging, I was insecure about my appearance. I grew up with parents who always encouraged me in every way and told me I was beautiful, but I went through a phase between 17-20 or so of being 40 pounds overweight, wearing nothing but jeans and ill-fitted tee shirts and sweatshirts every day, and only dressing up for church on the weekends because I didn’t want to stick out. I can still very distinctly remember eying other girls and thinking I’d never really be one of them. Being at the pool amongst my friends and wishing my swimsuit could hide my thighs that jiggle, my rear end that will never be small, the disproportion of my wide hips to my smallish chest.

I remember only feeling pretty on those weekends at church, when I could wear dresses and not get questions about why I was so dressed up; when full skirts and fitted tops reworked my figure into something else — I didn’t realize proportion had a lot to do with it at the time, I just knew I felt much better in a skirt or a dress than I did in jeans. 104

And then one week in the dead of winter, after having lost 40 pounds, I got fed up with baggy pants and boring tee shirts, and decided I wanted to try wearing skirts for an entire week. First, I wanted to see if it was even possible to make it through the icy, slushy weather in skirts and not be frozen. Second, I wanted to see what others’ reactions to my sudden wardrobe change were, because I was afraid people would think I was ridiculous. And third… I wanted to see if I was brave enough to be that different. At the time, none of my friends wore dresses or skirts on a daily basis. Everyone wore jeans and tee shirts and casual shoes. Nobody showed up anywhere in a skirt.

I survived that week smashingly, without being frozen, and somewhere in that time I got more into reading fashion blogs and decided I’d tag outfit pictures to the ends of my posts — this blog was originally just a thoughts blog. And something surprising happened: I started getting comments from friends that they wished they were brave enough to wear dresses all the time like I did. And I started getting comments from internet friends encouraging me to post more outfits.


So this blog evolved into a fashion blog. And through posting outfit pictures, I have learned that just because I’ve got hips and am generally more curvaceous than most of my friends does not mean I can’t look and feel pretty. Yes, I do like posting outfit pictures because I feel pretty in them, but that’s not the only reason I blog, or read blogs. I post pictures because it’s fun, because I’m interested in photography and have no other models, because it’s part of my artistic expression, because I want to encourage others that no matter what your position in life, body type, or budget, you can dress well. I blog because it keeps me from being a complete and total slob every day.

And I love blogging not for the attention, but because it’s a way to make friends. It’s a life diary. I love reading other blogs because they are inspiring, they are endearing, they are fun, they are wonderful people; I love looking at pretty things as much as the next girl, but that’s not my number one reason to read a blog. I love seeing women of all shapes and sizes, all walks of life, all ages, and all budget types expressing their style and sharing their lives with the world. I love making new friends through blogging. 2024

I read blogs for more than fashion, too. I love reading life stories, food  blogs, home style blogs, DIY, and a lot more. I don’t think I can adequately list all of the reasons I love reading blogs– not just fashion blogs, but all blogs — because there are too many things I love about bloggers and blogging.

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Fashion blogging is so much more than thinking you’re pretty or better than someone else, like Amia said. It’s about the people and the inspiration and the beauty of our differences and our lives! It’s about fashion, and sharing our love for style with others.

The blogging community is such a wonderful one. I’m so blessed by all of the people who have come into my life because of blogging, and I hope nobody ever reads this blog and thinks I’m only posting because I think I’m pretty and I want attention.


Heels, skirt, belt, and brooch thrifted | Fred Meyer t-shirt | Modcloth headband

I do, however, totally think these shoes are awesome and they need lots of attention. Haha! I found them on a lucky thrifting trip, right when I was wishing for a good pair of red heels. And now that I’m not pregnant, I’m allowed to wear heels again, yay! So it’s time to stock up on more colored shoes. My favorite pair — these coral colored ones — up and died on me. Here’s hoping someone gives Goodwill a bunch of size eight colorful heels so I can snag them.

What are your thoughts on blogging? Why do you post outfit pictures?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!


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  • Jules

    So well said!! I adore your blog, it’s so real. Attainable I suppose? And you just say it like it is. Plus your style is just tres adorable.

    I started blogging for ME, so I would be forced to wear more of the pretty clothes sitting unloved in my closet. I have also made some wonderful friends through blogging and Instagram!

    Also, I loved that you shared your birth story. Congratulations! 🙂

    Keep blogging pretty momma!!! And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the shoe fairy to deliver to your local goodwill!!

    <3 Jules

  • Jules

    Oh and PS, I love that you share my mothers first name AND remind me of her when she was younger. 🙂

    <3 Jules

  • Becca Lee

    Well said, lady! I agree with your sentiments completely! For me, my style posts are always a good opportunity to share a bit about my life and connect more with people. We also all show a lot of personality through our style, which is part of what makes it fun to follow other fashion bloggers.

    You look lovely here, by the way!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  • Salazar

    Well said indeed. I might have to write my own post about this, but I agree with you on the whole “life diary” aspect of blogging. Yeah it’s about the outfits, but through those outfits I’m expressing myself too.

  • lanette pieterse

    For all the reasons you listed why you loves blogs are the reasons I love your blog! I love that you’re using this platform as a creative outlet, but also that you want to inspire. Let me tell you, you do! Wearing skirts in snowy slush, now I’m challenged and inspired 😉 You keep up the good work sexy mamma xoxo

  • Amia

    Thanks for mentioning me Kristina, Marianne’s post just hit me that day because fashion blogging is hard to explain to people who don’t read fashion blogs or even blogs in general, it’s hard to explain to my “real life” friends” sometimes, though they don’t put me down for it! I love the community that comes from blogging, like you said you make new friends all over. I would be genuinely sad if you or someone else I’ve read for a long time stopped blogging because I feel like I would have lost a friend. I think a good majority of fashion bloggers have the same reasons for blogging, and very few because they think they’re pretty.

  • Booksphotographsandartwork

    I absolutely love seeing you in a new and different outfit everyday! And you are a real girl, not a fake model. You represent the people! You are gorgeous! I would rather see you than those angry, mean and not always pretty girls in the magazines nowadays. Keep doing what you do we love it! (gnatspan) 🙂

  • Jeanne

    LOVE those heels! And the polka dots. 🙂
    As for blogging, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have a fashion blog, but the same could be said for all bloggers, that they think they’re smarter or have a more interesting life than most… When, in most cases, it’s blogging which helps and encourages us to make our life interesting and keep a positive outlook.
    Oh, and by the way, I’m jealous of your Washington weather. Getting sick of these -10° C over here… 😛

  • Desarae

    Well said. 🙂 I was first drawn to your blog because of some of your fun outfits, but I almost enjoy your words, your humor, your heart, and just hearing about your life even more. I really appreciate all the work you put into your outfits. I’ve done it a few times and know all the work and effort that goes into it! It is so nice to see a real woman in pretty clothes, who knows she is beautiful and healthy just the way she is, and you pass that message onto your readers.

    By the way, great outfit! Those shoes!! What lipstick are you wearing in this? I’ve tried several different red lipsticks, but I’m not *completely* satisfied yet.

  • epopek

    Thanks for posting this! I only recently started doing daily outfit pics, and I have been thinking a lot, too, about why I’m doing it and what I get out of it. You’ve inspired me to write on my own blog about it, because I agree that a lot of people tend to be very dismissive of it or write people off as just attention-seekers.

    :: ::