… and baby makes three

... and baby makes three | and baby makes three | ... and baby makes three | Happy Monday, everyone! To kick off the week, I thought I’d share the little family session my husband and I did with… ourselves, haha! I had been contacted by Joules and they kindly sent me a few things to review, and since there was something for all of us, and it all went together, and it’s the time of year when we’ll be needing a good family photo for Christmas cards, we thought… why not?

So my husband set up the tripod, and we all traipsed out to the yard to do some pictures. ... and baby makes three | I am still teaching my husband how to pose; I told him to look tough, and look hot. This is what he came up with. I cannot stop laughing!  ... and baby makes three | All of Asa’s adorable baby clothes are from Joules, and I adore them! The materials are so, so soft, and I’ll be able to use them all for a while yet; the sizing is slightly larger than the brands I’m used to, so he’ll get to grow into this as the weather gets colder. So perfect! Plus, the hat actually fits his big head (Which is in the 90th percentile, along with his height. At least he’s tall, too, and not just big-headed.)

I think foxes are my animal for Asa– I’m an owl, which should be obvious given the title of my blog, but I have been really drawn to foxes for a lot of Asa’s clothes… possibly because owls tend to be girly clothes… but to have found this striped outfit with a fox on it? (Because I also love to dress him in stripes) So perfect. ... and baby makes three | and baby makes three | ... and baby makes three | I just can’t get over how cute he is. Ah!

Well, it’s finally moving into fall here in coolness, which is really exciting, since my brain has been fall-centric for the past few weeks, but that also means… a lot of rain. Ever since my old owl rain boots died (I wore them until they were so, so damaged, you guys; it’s so sad) I have been looking for a good pair of cute rain boots that were also sturdy to last me through a season or two, and I’m so happy with these ones! They’re comfortable, and true to size, and flexible, so I’ll definitely be wearing them a lot. ... and baby makes three | ... and baby makes three | This is probably my favorite picture. I love that Asa actually looked up for it (he was obsessed with the grass) and I love the colors (isn’t this sweater pretty?) and I am a fan of kissing, so you know. Haha! ... and baby makes three | and baby makes three | ... and baby makes three | Oh, Asa…

I know it’s completely crazy, maybe, but I have baby fever already. I keep seeing pregnant women everywhere (at my church alone there are seven) and I miss it. Then again, it would be nice to be able to quit work before we have another baby, and also I think I’d like Asa to be at least one before we even start trying again. So it’ll be at least four months. If not more. Did any of you other moms get baby fever this soon after having your first?

... and baby makes three | ... and baby makes three |

On me: Sweater and boots, c/o Joules; dress (As a skirt), and earrings Target; belt, thrifted | on Asa: socks, onesie, hat, c/o Joules | on Mr. Owl: Shirt, c/o Joules; pants, Target | shoes, Kohl’s

I hope you all have a great Monday! I am officially starting a new Whole30 today. I posted about it on Instagram, and then realized I didn’t have much food that was Whole30 compliant, so off to the store today and here’s to 30 days of clean eating! I’ve been getting sick because of bad food choices lately, so I am looking forward to clearing my system of bad foods and getting my energy back!

Have a wonderful day!

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  • katiemarievblog

    These photos are so adorable, Kristina! I love the one where Asa is looking up at you two kissing, but I think my favorite one is the second to last one you posted. What a cute family 🙂

  • dani

    You have the cutest family! I’ve got baby fever, but I don’t have a baby (yet!). I am totally seeing pregnant ladies and newborns everywhere though, and it’s made me a little anxious!

  • Desarae

    Cute! I love the fall colors going on here- and you are right, that kissing shot with Asa looking up is perfection! 🙂 Y’all are such a cute family.

  • Grace

    I remember wanting another baby after my first. I got pregnant when he was 18 months old and while I don’t for a moment regret my little girl I do regret not waiting. Physically I was not ready, I hadn’t healed my diastis and I was out of shape and I had a lot of problems and not tiny ones either! And my little boy still needed me. He still was getting his teeth and I hadn’t really focused on potty training him so I ended up with babies in diapers and that’s not cheap. Now it’s fun with two kids they play good together now but I do wish I had waited and taken care if myself better.