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Kiss the Girl | www.eccentricowl.comKiss the Girl | I have a post from this weekend that I WILL post sometime next week, but since Halloween is on Friday and I can’t go to any of the costume parties I was invited to (which are all on Saturday), I thought I’d do a few character-inspired outfits this week! And when I dyed my hair even redder red yesterday, I knew I had to do Ariel.

Thing is, I don’t own a purple shell bra and I’ve never had a green fin. I don’t even have a purple shirt, guys. Although I do have a green skirt, so I could have used that. But then my friend Kristi went to an event perfectly replicating Ariel’s Kiss the Girl outfit, and I thought… hey, I can do that!Kiss the Girl | Especially after finding this top at Marshall’s for $6. So I whipped up a little outfit with what I had in my closet, and here we are! It’s not perfect colors, but I’m not really going for exact, just… similar enough that you get who it is.

I am hoping to do all redheaded characters this week… except Red Riding Hood doesn’t have red hair, but uh… we’ll see. On my list of possibilities are Poison Ivy, Jessica Rabbit, Amy Pond (not this color of red, but I don’t care), Jean Grey, Mary Jane Watson, Lucy Ricardo, Anna from Frozen, and Batgirl (depending on which cartoon you look at.) I’m only using clothes that I actually wear, so we’ll see how it goes.Kiss the Girl | I have to admit, the bow was an afterthought; I didn’t realize I had this blue scarf with me until halfway through pictures. So a few of them… I’m not wearing it. But it’s the perfect addition, isn’t it? Kiss the Girl | Growing up, we never ever celebrated Halloween. When that day came around, we’d turn off all the lights and watch a movie, and I was so disappointed. As a little girl who loved dressing up, I had ALWAYS wanted to go trick-or-treating just so that I could wear a princess costume. I didn’t even care about the candy, just the clothes.

And we still don’t celebrate it, but I still want to go trick-or-treating. When Asa is old enough to snag candy, you can bet we will be out there with him… and then we’ll probably eat half of what he gets. Because we’ll be good parents like that. Kiss the Girl | www.eccentricowl.comKiss the Girl | Kiss the Girl |  Do you guys have any plans for Halloween? What are your costumes? I can’t WAIT to see what everyone does and wears! Kiss the Girl |

Marshall’s shirt | Vintage skirt | thrifted belt, brooch, booties, and scarf | Target tights

I can’t get over my hair. I love it so much, and I may never, ever go back to brown. I have been wanting to do this color for years and years, but I was never brave enough. Plus, I didn’t want to pay upwards of $60 just to get it dyed, so I gave up the dream. And then when I tried the first red two months ago and it worked, I knew this would be my next color! It’s definitely my spirit haircolor, if there is such a thing! Ha!

Happy Monday!

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  • Rachelle Marie

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE your hair! And this outfit is adorable. I’ve changed my mind a billion times, but I think I finally settled on a costume. I will dress like Clara and Levi is going to be Eleven. I can’t wait!

  • Mom

    Love this color on you! I love the hair even better than the first time. I’m sorry you were so disappointed you didn’t get to dress up for Halloween. You were a good daughter and never complained. I didn’t even know until now. Of course back then you would have wanted to dress up like Arial in her inappropriate costume : ) I have always loved dressing up too! : )

  • Salazar

    That is a perfect Ariel costume! I’m lame and don’t have anywhere to go for Halloween, but I’ll probably still put together a costume from stuff in my closet. It’s fun to dress up!

  • Terri Rupp

    Why not take him out trick or treating this year. Baby costumes are so much fun. My daughter was a kitten her first halloween, next a monkey, than a pirate, and now this year she’s calling herself a “fairy princess pirate from the pumpkin patch neverland hunting forest.”My son has been a fireman, pirate, and this year he’s another fireman. I’m also dressing up this year with the kids as the tooth fairy. Both my daughter and I will have our canes as accessories to our fairy costumes and will be decorating them with ribbons.

  • Vicki Shuler

    This outfit is so perfect! I knew it was Ariel as soon as I saw it. And that hair color is fantastic! 🙂
    My boyfriend and I are dressing up as random, vaguely Lord of the Rings-inspired characters. He’ll be going as a wizard, and I’ll be an elven ranger. I’m making both of the costumes…which is a much bigger undertaking than I’d envisioned. But I should be on track to getting them done in time. *fingers crossed*


  • Heather Gwinn

    I love that you just used basic clothing to create this costume. It totally reads Ariel without being too costumey. The bow is the perfect touch that really finishes the outfit. Oh and it’s funny but I don’t own a purple top either! However purple isn’t really my most liked color.

    I love Halloween but I don’t go all out like some do. I don’t decorate for Halloween but instead love to decorate for fall which is less scary for the kids and lasts from sept -nov. We don’t do scary costumes either. We do love to dress up and trick or treat. Cause who doesn’t love dressing up and candy! Our Halloween will be spent at a church fair and then trick or treating afterwards.

    Btw, love love love your new hair color!

  • Lyndsey

    You pulled off this costume SO EFFORTLESSLY! I seriously think this one is a total winner. We never celebrated Halloween either- I literally dressed up once as Esmeralda and we went to my grandparents house and back home haha. Other than that we’ve never went, so I totally get you. Besides my own Halloween party back in 2012, I went to my first “official” Halloween party this year and dressed up as Keeper Of The Stars. I plan on posting my costume photos on the blog this Halloween!