Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood | www.eccentricowl.comRed Riding Hood | Happy Halloween! Here’s the last installment of my closet-costume characters, and even though she technically doesn’t have red hair and also she has a hood, I’m pretty happy with this one! It’s raining buckets today, so I had to wear something appropriately warm for when we go out trick-or-treating later, and this cape definitely does the trick!

Although Mr. Owl is possibly going as Brand from the Goonies, because that’s who he decided to be for the work costume contest today… and he really wants me to go as an 80’s girl. But uh… yeah. I think I’m going to stick with Red Riding Hood.Red Riding Hood | None of us are going to match, anyway; Asa is a frog, and I thought about going as the Princess and the Frog, as I mentioned, wearing this dress… but that dress is not warm, and I don’t want to get it dirty since it’s been claimed already.

So, we’re just going to be a band of misfits, and that’s okay.Red Riding Hood | Red Riding Hood |   Next year, though, I’m already thinking about group costumes we can do. I really want to do a cohesive theme! Although I also want to avoid having to sew as much as possible, because… I’m not a fan of sewing. Hot glue, yes. Thrifting, yes. Sewing? Not so much. Red Riding Hood | Red Riding Hood | Red Riding Hood | www.eccentricowl.comI wanted to do a mash of Red and the Wolf, with my makeup going more wolfish, but I didn’t really have a super solid idea of what I wanted to add so far as wolf-features go, nor did I want to spend a ton of time on it since Asa had just woken up… so I settled for darker makeup and slightly crazy hair, as if perhaps Red could possibly be the wolf. Original, I know. Haha! The makeup didn’t end up quite as evil as I had intended, but I still like it. It’s a very pretty look.  Red Riding Hood |

Cape, c/o Oasap | thrifted dress and brooch | Target tights | JC Penney boots

So, which one has been your favorite of the five costumes this week? If you missed them, there’s Ariel, Amy Pond, Poison Ivy, the Queen of Hearts, and today’s. I actually think today’s might be my favorite, just because I’d wear this entire outfit out and about, makeup and all. Plus, it’s really comfortable. But The Queen of Hearts is a close second.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, fun Halloween! Happy Friday!

(Looking for a few easy last-minute Halloween ideas? I’ve got quite a few: try this flapper makeup, this 1960’s mod look (and makeup), this Cher makeup, a witchy look, River Song, Clara Oswald, this or this hippie, a 1950’s vixen, Snow White… these were all from my closet, and are all super easy to replicate!)

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  • Victoria Fusco

    This one is probably my favorite; just beautiful! But the makeup on the Queen of hearts was fabulous, too. In once upon a time, red riding good was a where wolf (spoiler!) so there you go! 🙂

  • Salazar

    I think you did a great job with the hair and make-up. If people ask, you can always say you got your inspiration from Ruby in Once Upon A Time!

  • Heather Gwinn

    I simply love your cape! It’s beautiful. Is it still being sold? I could definitely see myself wearing one. I love the little broach too.

    I wanted to do a family theme costume for Halloween too but it didn’t work out this year. I’m hoping to try it next year. As for my favorite of your costumes, I’m not sure. I really loved them all! You were very creative at making each from everyday clothes. It was very inspiring.

  • Mom

    Queen of Hearts definitely! You did such a good job on that one! I only know two of your outfits, so could only choose between Red Riding Hood and the Queen of Hearts : )