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1960’s wiggle dress and playing dress up

1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | www.eccentricowl.com1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | One of the things I love about having a blog is that it allows me to wear and share things that I can’t wear for more than the time it takes to shoot the outfit, or I just don’t wear because… still trying to get over that inner fear of being different in public. This outfit falls into the former group (and maybe a little bit into the latter, but mostly the former.) The dress itself is made of material that stretches, but the lining does not. Therefore, the lining hikes up to just under my belly/over my butt when I walk, and it’s impossible to bend over or reach for things without lining-seams popping. I really need to just remove the lining entirely, but I’m too lazy and afraid it might ruin the structure of this gorgeous 60’s coat and dress set. 1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | 1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | www.eccentricowl.comI also cannot wear these shoes for more than 30 minutes without pain, now that I’m carrying an extra person. My hips also protest heels most of the time.

So the reality of today is that I decided I wanted to play dress up in head-to-toe vintage, and showcase a beautiful set that I rarely get to wear. I bought it while I was pregnant with Asa, on a guess that it might fit my not-pregnant self, and I’ve been hoarding it in my closet due to popped lining seams and reticence to let beautiful vintage see the light of day for fear of ruining it. And now, I’m back in my standard at-home-all-day pregnancy garb, which is yoga pants, a camisole, and a cute polka dot shirt. I kept the hair rolls and the lipstick, though.1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | 1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | 1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up | The only thing I can’t vouch for being vintage is these shoes — they certainly look vintage, but I think they’re probably repros. No idea, though; I thrifted them. The earrings were my grandma’s and the sunglasses are thrifted but also vintage.

Personally, I do usually prefer vintage with a slight modern twist, such as a graphic tee with a vintage skirt, more because it fits my lifestyle and personality better than full-on vintage all the time. But I have those days where I wish that people still dressed like this for grocery store trips, and thus… a blog post like this is born. 1960's wiggle dress and playing dress up |

Vintage dress & coat set, vintage glasses, and heels, thrifted | earrings, grandma’s | lipstick, Milani matte Diva

Do you wear vintage head to toe, or do you prefer vintage with a modern twist? (Skye, I already know your answer. Haha!)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! And by the way, I can’t remember if I mentioned: if you want to join in on my week of lipstick challenge, you can even though it’s late now — post to my Facebook wall, or hashtag #eolipstickchallenge on Instagram so I can see!

Happy Thursday!


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  • skye

    Dang, I guess I’m all too predictable. 😉 Shout-out aside, I’m seriously obsessed with this whole look. Have you seen the 2007 remake of Hairspray? I love that movie, and it’s the first thing I thought of here. (It’s worth watching for the teased hair and matching sets alone.)

    I’ve written about this before, but it really bothers me to see full-on vintage get ridiculed. Paying homage to the past isn’t the same as being stuck in it. And even if it were, I’d rather be stuck in history than obsessed with the future. We have to learn from where we’ve been.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Hehe, you are. And as soon as I wore this, I thought of you. I have another dress-jacket set that I need to wear before it no longer zips (it might be easier because it’s flared, or harder because the waist isn’t stretchy), and that reminds me of you, too. And yes! I’ve seen the remake AND the original, and loved them both. Although I loved the original because of how creepy it is.

      It’s so funny, I’ve never seen full-on vintage get ridiculed, but I probably don’t spend enough time on the internet to find those discussions. People should be able to wear whatever they want to wear. I watched a makeover show where this woman had an AMAZING wardrobe of vintage/repro and she went full-on retro with the victory rolls, pinup makeup, and everything… but she wanted to change because people didn’t respond well to it, and I was sad. They made her over with vintage-inspired details, but still. Her full-on retro look was just awesome and I loved it.

  • Chelsea

    Oh lady, please fix the issue with the lining so you can wear this until your baby belly doesn’t fit in it & then save if for afterward & wear it weekly. You are stunning!! I as well wish people still dressed like this in everyday life. I have a few vintage items that I love wearing on special occasions & wish I had the guts to wear them when I say: take my daughter to the library, run to the teahouse, & you know live life! Your hair is so classic in these photos & I just adore your beautiful face. Happy Sunday!

  • Jamie Rose // Petite Panoply

    I love how incredibly retro this whole look is. The pattern on this dress and coat set is wonderfully spring-y! You look like you walked out of the past in the best way possible. It sucks that the lining in this dress doesn’t stretch though. I think you could definitely rock the dress on its own without looking too “different” once you have the baby and the lining doesn’t ride up anymore. I love that it has a matching coat though. The beauty of matching pieces is that they don’t have to be worn together!

    Jamie |

  • Emily

    I LOOVEEEE this outfit so much! Gorgeous! And I totally know what you mean about playing dress-up 🙂 It is one of the (only) things I like about having a work-outside-the-home job in a pretty relaxed office – I can really stretch the boundaries of acceptable “work wear” and have a good excuse to play with fashion.

  • Princess Wormmm

    I love this look! The colours and the print, omg!! Everything looks perfect. I can’t get over the fact that it’s a matching set <3
    Your grandma's earrings look so romantic. Love the gold pink combo.

    I like vintage+modern too

    but outfits just like this one are so lovely to see every once in a while (:

  • Mariah Alysz

    Momma, you are killing it! This outfit is just head-to-toe amazing! I would never think to pair red shoes with pink lipstick and yet it just works so well! I adore this dress and coat set! What a great find! I think it would be so much fun to get a few gals together and do a whole 60’s themed photoshoot! You would, of course, have to wear this outfit!

    <3 Mariah
    Rya Pie