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Sequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt

Sequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt | www.eccentricowl.comSequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt | Today, I am creating a baby registry for all the girly things!

You guys, I almost wore this today, but decided that heels are just not my thing any more (oh, pregnancy) and also the waist of that dress is just too tight. It’s going to be hard not to do overkill now that I know this baby is a GIRL. A girl!!! I am definitely not going to be one of those cool moms who gender-neutralizes everything because… yeah, no, not my personality. Or preference. I like my girls to be girls and my boys to be boys (and that’s not a political statement there, I just think tutus or bow-ties are cuter than gender-neutral stuff). So until this child grows up to have an opinion of her own, she gets to wear pink, purple, flowers, polka dots, frills, lace, and every single girly thing you can think of.

Well, okay. Probably not leopard or zebra print in any shape or form; it’s cute, but not my thing to have babies in animal prints meant for 50 year old women. (I’m joking about that last part.)

Sequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt |

I never actually thought I would be a “get all the pink things!” type of mom, to be honest — well, I never wanted girls until I started having kids, so there’s that — but after having anticipated girliness for so long, I’m falling into pink fever. As a little girl, pink was not my favorite color — I liked purple. I think stubbornly so, because girls were supposed to like pink and I just wanted to rebel against that, but as a soon-to-be-mom-of-a-girl, I now understand the pull towards pink. (Although, not every mom is like that.) After having a boy who is VERY much boy, it’s fun to make a change. And what mom doesn’t want the valid excuse to buy a whole new itty-bitty wardrobe?Sequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt | Sequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt | It still hasn’t hit me 100% that it’s a girl, probably because we can’t really start buying girly things until the house gets a bit more settled, but once it does… there might be a few baby-girl themed posts around here.

Just to warn you.

And perhaps once we settle on a name (we have one that we already love, and a couple others that are in the running) it will feel more real. Sequined Peter Pan collar, stripes, and a pleated skirt |

Shirt, Walmart Materntiy | skirt and belt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth

Or it might just take until she’s actually born for it to settle in that… it’s a girl!

Maybe we should have another ultrasound so the very blunt and not-going-to-candy-coat-those-anatomical-names-at-all doctor can tell us again how very clear it is that she has girl parts.

That might do it, too.


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  • skye

    You had me at “sequined Peter Pan collar”. Eeeee! Congratulations!! I’m not even sure I want kids of my own, but baby girls, as far as I’m concerned, are basically living dolls. So I’mma live vicariously through yours for a while. 😀

    I’m with you on the gender-neutral thing. It strikes me as weird how people seem to interpret “gender-neutral” as “boring”. I understand why some parents would rather not gender their baby’s belongings, but why not combine pink *and* blue instead of eschewing fun colors altogether?

    I also don’t think it matters how you dress your kids before they’re old enough to have a say. If she grows up to be a tomboy, that’s fine, but she won’t be traumatized by the early pinkening. 😛

    • Eccentric Owl

      Right? Gender neutral clothing on the whole is just… eh. Besides which, I like bows and flowers and girly things, so um… there’s that. Haha! AND considering pink was actually for boys until about 1920 (I think? 1900’s, anyway) and blue was for girls… why not use both? I think any pastel is baby. (But so far the registry is very pink. And that’s okay with me.)

      Yeah, my cousin grew up tomboy, but as a baby and toddler she was dressed in all pink and girliness. She’s not damaged. Haha!

  • Emily

    Ha, I was totally that mom who was like, “No, I’m not going to dress my baby girl in pink!” But I lost that battle anyway, because grandparents. And hand-me-downs.

    I think for me it was partially because I have known all along I am only having one child, so I kind of didn’t want her infancy to be ALL ABOUT being a girl? I know that sounds really weird. But I think subconsciously I wanted to imagine what it would be like to have a baby boy, too. (We have so many pictures of her wearing, like, blue stripes and brown pants. Plus she was a total baldy, so EVERYONE thought she was a boy anyway!)

    But yeah: Girls are fun to dress, for sure! My sister has two boys and she is always complaining about boys’ clothes being kind of just … boring. I mean, there are definitely cute things you can put them in, but there’s also a lot of navy and brown and trucks. But with girls, man – the sky’s the limit!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ha, yeah, I just never liked pink that much until recent years! Although I’ve been seeing some REALLY cute mustard yellow, black and white, and green (with pink floral print) clothes on Etsy, so…

      I get that! We will be having more after this so I know I can always revisit boy clothes (the way the rest of the family produces) if I ever get tired of girly things. But I likely won’t. Haha! I love girly baby clothes. (Everyone thought Asa was a girl, still do occasionally ). And like you said, girls just have more variety. I hate the normal trucks and cars on boy clothes! We’ve managed to avoid those so far!