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Hello! Since I’ll be posting on Shaped by Style tomorrow, I thought I’d share what I’ll be wearing for Thanksgiving today. I’ve been struggling a bit emotionally these last few days with some lingering postpartum depression, so I haven’t felt like getting dressed or posting anything. It’s not an intense struggle, just that hollow feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you don’t feel quite right, or the occasional ache of your heart when you’re feeling a bit blue. But, the sun came out today, I made Evie laugh several times, and I’m excited to spend time with family (and especially excited to make and eat pie), so I’m feeling better today.

Besides which, this dress never fails to make me a little happier! I found it at Goodwill during the great Halloween Haul (they put out the best stuff during Halloween, I think) for $7. It’s a 1950’s frock that fits absolutely perfectly, it buttons so I can nurse in it, and it’s such a beautiful silky-feeling fabric! Plus, the colors are just gorgeous.

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I found these shoes on the same trip, and while they’re not quite the exact same color as in the dress, I think they go well enough to pair up.

I wanted to try to dress a bit thematically this year, so I picked an acorn brooch to accent the dress. It’s just enough of an ode to Fall and Thanksgiving without being over-the-top. I love seeing other bloggers dress with a theme, but I don’t think it’s quite my taste to, say, wear a donut dress to a donut shop. Although I am making a Star Wars skirt to wear to the newest Star Wars movie when it comes out, and I made my husband a tie to match. So… I only dress overtly in a theme when it’s nerdy. 😉

  A Modern Housewife | A Modern Housewife |

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family, if you’re in the US, and if you’re not… I hope your Thursday is wonderful! I am making this post quick because I have to start a Paleo pumpkin pie that I’ve never attempted before (I’m sort of doing it on the fly and just modifying regular recipes), a regular pumpkin pie, I might try to make some sort of pumpkin-cheesecake bites, and I have to make mashed sweet potatoes which I’m going to bake with maple-glazed spicy walnuts on top.

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Vintage dress, flats, vintage brooch, and vintage scarf, thrifted | belt, belonged to another dress from Target

Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

And by the way, I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop until November 30th, so if you use the code THANKS15 you’ll get 15% off anything! And I just added a party dresses section, so you definitely need one of those. 😉


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