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So let’s just get the obvious right out there: pink hair. If you follow me on Instagram (or are my Facebook friend) you will already have known that I took a huge leap and went pink yesterday.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. I cannot even describe the feeling it gives me to see pink hair on my head every time I look in the mirror — it’s so crazy bright, and more wonderful than I had hoped it would be! Every time I look at it, I cannot stop the happy dance. I literally jumped up and down after finding that the insanely bright color of the dye did not rinse away with all the water (as I half expected it to.) I did a happy dance every time I saw myself in the mirror (or, every time I see myself, because it’s still new.)

How to Be Fabulous | www.eccentricowl.comHow to Be Fabulous |

It is everything I had hoped it to be, and more! I didn’t realize how empowering it would feel to dye my hair this bright of a color – I have gone blonde, nearly black, “natural” red, and bright red before, so I am no stranger to having hair a color that is not my own. But somehow, having a color that is so very distinctly not naturally found on anyone’s head makes a huge difference. It’s a boldness I haven’t done before.

I feel like a superhero.

How To Be Fabulous |  How To Be Fabulous |

I think everyone should dye their hair a non-natural color once in their life. I mean, if you’ve always wanted to but never been brave enough, do it! I think the act of choosing a haircolor this bright has given me a huge, huge boost of confidence and I really do feel like I can do anything now. I am in love with bright hair!

How To Be Fabulous | www.eccentricowl.comHow To Be Fabulous |

And if you were wondering, yes, it really IS that bright. I’ll have a post coming up on how I got it this color, what products I used, and all that fun stuff, so hang tight if you’re wondering how it was done!

How To Be Fabulous |

Everything, thrifted.

I am going to have a huge grin on my face for a while, so I hope those of you who follow me on social media will forgive the overabundance of hair pictures in the near future.

It’s just too good to keep to myself. 😉

Happy Monday!


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