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When one dyes one’s hair bright pink, one must wear all-pink at least once.

It’s funny to think that years ago, pink was one of my least favorite colors. It was down there with brown and black, more because I had this stubborn idea that I wanted to be different. Yes, I was girly, but no I would not like pink just because I was girly. That went on for years. I was never adamantly against pink; I would wear it on occasion, and I never hated it, it just wasn’t my favorite. I wouldn’t actively choose pink over other colors. And I had never thought it was really my color.

Bubblegum |

And now here I am standing hair-to-toes in full-on glaring pink. It turns out, I just needed the right color to win me over.

Thanks to Skye, I am now well aware that this outfit is a good cosplay for Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, and I’ve been searching now for other characters I can cosplay. Anyone know of a good superhero I can pretend to be?

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I think having pink hair may have also inspired to me to wear lipstick more. Especially the bright colors; I am currently waiting for a few colors from colourpop, and I am really tempted to get Be-Dazzled, Jellies, Dr. M, and Mr. Blonde. I mean, the prime time to wear crazy lipcolors is when you have crazy hair, right? (Or, you know, just whenever you want to.)

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I am so excited to get dressed now with pink hair; it’s definitely given new life to my sense of style and my wardrobe. I feel so much more like the person I’ve wanted to be style-wise. And it has given me more inspiration in so many areas. I have pink hair, and I am going to do things.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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  • Mona Shirdel

    Oh my gosh!!! You are soooo pink!!! I love it!!
    Pink was a colour that I too had a bit of a weird relationship to. Because it is such a girly colour I had decided I did not like it, but I sorta do like it. In fact I love pink! And have learned to embrace it!! Now I’ve got a whole bunch of pink items in my wardrobe.
    You look fantastic in the all pink!
    Much love,

  • Ally Wright

    This is seriously amazing! I looooove your hair, and I totally get what you’re saying about the color pink. I’ve never been one to wear it, but I’ve always liked it on other people. Thanks for sharing this awesome outfit! Another great lipstick that you might want to try with your crazy pink hair is the NYX macaron lippie in Lavender. It’s a near perfect dupe for Kat Von D’s Coven and would look seriously amazing with your hair!

    Much love,

  • Lyndsey M

    I love that your new pink hair has given you a new sense of inspiration when it comes to your style! I love the monochromatic theme going on for sure- to me you remind me of a princess, not a particular one, just in general! <3

  • SaraLily

    So when I was a gal, my sister and I got these rockstar barbies that came with a cassette tape that was their “demo” and it had a real song on it and on one side, it had the “band” singing it and on the other, it was a karaoke version. It was called “Think Pink” and it was so catchy and NOW I AM SINGING IT IN MY HEAD AS I READ THIS POST!

    AND OMG leave it to YouTube to HAVE IT:

    I hope you enjoy that little bit of my childhood – you know I sang along with the karaoke all the time 😉

  • nmettille

    Pink is not my favorite color either but that has to do with a childhood obsession over the color. Yes. I was that girl. Basically, pink and I had our time together and we ended things peacefully with the agreement to remain friends. But, holy cow, it is YOUR COLOR.

    p.s. if you get those lipsticks I will squeal with colorful delight.

  • Emily

    I totally had the EXACT SAME relationship to pink when I was growing up! Now I have a fair amount of pink in my wardrobe because it turns out my mom was right all those years, and it DOES look nice on me 🙂 (Why don’t we listen to our moms when we’re growing up? At least, I didn’t.) This outfit is AMAZING, and you look so happy! I crave bright hair so much, but just can’t bring myself to go through the process, because I’m SUPER LAZY about beauty stuff. So I admire you for going for it!

  • Heather Gwinn

    You’re so vibrantly pink, it almost seems like you glow. A cartoon character placed in real life! I love your dress, what a fun outfit. I’ve never much cared for Adventure Time but you do look like Princess Bubblegum!

    I never cared for pink either. My mom pushed that color on me as a child. My room was coated in ever shade of pink imaginable. It was soo pink and perfect, it reminded me of something straight out of an 80’s horror film. Because of that pink was never my first choice for anything. Today the color has grown on me, dusty roses & corals being my favorite. Pink hair on the other hand, I’m completely wild about! I love how well it seems to look on everyone. If I ever decide to color my hair extra wild I would have to wear all that color at least once too!