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Before this morning, I had not taken any outfit pictures for over a week. I’ve been going through some sort of… style crisis, perhaps? I like my style and I don’t want it to change, but there was still something missing. Then, as I was binge-reading Ashley’s blog, it hit me: the hair.

Ever since I dyed my hair, I’ve been sticking with my go-to of throwing it up in a bun with a victory roll in the front, and adding a headscarf. But this seems like such a crime, to have colorful hair and be constantly pushing it up and out of sight. So yesterday, I bought myself some foam rollers, curled my hair up in them, and hoped that it would work.

And, as you can see, it was basically magic.

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I used to use foam rollers at my grandma’s house, for fun, but it has been at least ten years, probably more like fifteen, since I’ve tried them. Reading vintage-style blogs, I kept seeing tips to do pin curls, or sock curls, or to use such-and-such a size of curling iron barrel, but pin curls and sock curls mess up the ends of my hair (and never dry right), and curling iron… well. I have a lot of hair. Way more than it looks like, and it’s very curl-resistant. To get this level of curl that would stay, it would take about 2 hours and 3 cans of hairspray.

Plus, since I plan to keep up the color, I don’t want to heat-style it too often. Curling my hair every day like this would be torture, and pretty damaging.

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I am so excited about these foam rollers, though! While I did learn that with my length and thickness, I shouldn’t curl them into the rollers until they are only barely damp (if my hair is too wet, it doesn’t dry overnight), I am so, so pleased with the results. After a little teasing in the front and some running my fingers through, these pink locks looked exactly how I had hoped, and I feel new again!

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And what better way to introduce this dress than with the perfect hair? I actually have shot outfit photos in this dress, but I never shared them. My husband took the pictures, and I didn’t check his photos as we went — he’s a GREAT photographer, but we have different styles and… he doesn’t always watch to be sure hair isn’t in my face, or I’m not talking, or y’know, not blinking and all that… — so I never shared them.

I originally bought this dress to sell on Etsy. When I tested it at the store, it didn’t seem to fit me, but I couldn’t leave it behind! I figured I would find a way to semi-model it for Etsy, and send it off to someone who needed a beautiful floral dress. Imagine my joy, though, when I got home and tried it on again, and it fit! I had tried it on at the store over my clothes, which proved to be just a bit much for the dress. Because as you can see, it fits like a glove when there aren’t layers beneath it!

Dreamgirl | www.eccentricowl.comDreamgirl | Dreamgirl |

Dress, vintage | shoes, thrifted | earrings, thrifted | headpiece, gift from Sarah of Hazel and Bean

Confession: right as I snapped one of the last pictures for this post, Asa took a dive off our front steps (there are only two) and faceplanted into the cement. So, I didn’t actually get a shot of my shoes, and that one up there is an extra from this post.

Asa is okay, he just… oh, this boy. He will forever have bumps and bruises and my mama’s heart gets bruised right along with that little face of his. Being the mom of a two-year-old boy is rough sometimes.

I hope you are all having a great week! Any retro hair styling tips you have, please tell me; I’m still perfecting that swoop at the front. I should probably get some hairspray.


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