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Today I thought it might be fun to try another indoor shoot and share my new workspace with you all!

We have a really small house, so this little desk is shoved into the corner beside our bookcase, while my husband also has a desk on the other side of the living room. In between is the TV stand, a papasan chair, the couch, a blanket chest that doubles as our coffee table, and a whole lotta kid toys. The rest of the room isn’t quite decorated how I would like it, but at least my desk space looks pretty! My Workspace | www.eccentricowl.comMy Workspace |

This desk belonged to my grandma (the one whose birthday I shared), so it feels very special to have a part of her home belong to me now. After she died, the desk — originally a vanity, hence why my legs don’t fit underneath in a normal chair — went to my parents, but they didn’t really need another desk. Once it came to me, I painted it minty green to give it a little new life and make it more “me”, and now it serves as my blogging and writing space, a shelf for my to-read pile, and storage for things like chocolate-covered pretzels. My Workspace | www.eccentricowl.comMy Workspace |

As you can see, our ever-growing display of Lord of the Rings paraphernalia is kind of taking over. You can’t even see the shelf on our bookcase that is solely dedicated to Tolkien tomes. Bilbo will eventually be hung on the wall, but the back of his frame is broken and falls out, so for now he rests on the desk while Gandalf gives me his most menacing stare. Both posters were shot so that their eyes follow you everywhere, which is… kind of creepy, I’ll be honest.

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On the desk, my to-read pie includes The Fellowship of The Ring — for our podcast which you should listen to here –, Gracie’s Song, which Michelle Schlicher — the author — sent to me graciously for review (I’m working on it, Michelle!), A Great and Terrible Beauty which I chose solely for the cover while browsing a thrift store (I can’t say¬† no to 75 cent books set in Victorian times and including fantasy/fairytale elements), and The Matters at Mansfield which I also found while thrifting. I also have Shiver and The Jane Austen Book Club to finish (and start, in the case of the latter). My Workspace |

Blouse, thrifted but same style/cut available here | skirt, self-made (order one for yourself here) | shoes, thrifted

And, of course, a few magazines — Good Housekeeping, and Vogue. I rarely buy fashion mags any more, because I much prefer my fellow fashion bloggers for inspiration, but every once in a while it’s fun to flip through them and see what’s trending.

I hope you enjoyed this very short tour of one small space in my house! I am hoping that eventually I’ll be able to share a bigger house tour, once I’ve got everything put together the way I want it!

Happy Saturday!


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