Floral cardigan, striped dress, and a headscarf

Before you read anything else, please consider helping Jessica of Chronically Vintage. By now I am sure it has swept through every corner of the blogosphere, but if you haven’t heard yet, her home and everything she owned was burned down in a fire. I hope to send her some clothes to help build her collection back up, but anything you can do to help is worth the time! She is one of the sweetest and most caring bloggers I know, and I cannot imagine the devastation she has gone through. The Perfect Cardigan | eyreeffect.comThe Perfect Cardigan |

The Perfect Cardigan

It’s sweater weather! I have been waiting for this moment ever since I got this gorgeous floral cardigan from Penny and Lilly on Etsy. The colors are so vibrant, and obviously the florals spoke to me on a spiritual level. So, while I have been sticking to a very fall aesthetic lately, I had to break the mold with these bright colors and florals. And I’m so glad I did! Of course, I was going to wait to post this until November, after I had done some Halloween posts. But the weather has not cooperated.The Perfect Cardigan | eyreeffect.comThe Perfect Cardigan |

Today as I write this, the weather has taken a sharp turn for the worse. It’s been heavy rain for about a week and a half, r longer. It’s supposed to rain until who knows when. I was hoping to start my week of Halloween costumes this week, but with this weather it has been impossible. Thus, this outfit I shot a couple weeks ago, slow posting and only last week’s BBRBF Book Club post with a fun costume so far. The Perfect Cardigan | I’m really hoping that Halloween itself is not rainy, as we love to take Asa (and Evie) trick-or-treating, and it’s miserable to do in the rain! Last year it was so very rainy, and so not fun to run around in the rain.

This year, we are going as Indiana Jones, Marian, Short Round, and Evie will probably be a monkey or… we haven’t figured that out yet. We’re a little last-minute! Haha! I’m excited to have a full-family cohesive theme, though! Hopefully next year I can convince my husband to do Disney because. I want to be a princess again.  The Perfect Cardigan | eyreeffect.comThe Perfect Cardigan |

I am hoping at least one day this weekend will be good weather, so I can shoot the one outfit I really was looking forward to sharing: Pinup Belle. I found a dress on Amazon that is a really great retro version of Belle’s yellow ballgown, and I have been dying to get that photoshoot done! Let’s hope I can do it by Halloween!

What are you going to be this year?

Dress, c/o Stranger Bird Vintage | cardigan, Penny and Lilly | shoes and scarf, thrifted | Bug brooch, vintageThe Perfect Cardigan |