Marabou bolero, ice skating scene skirt, and staying warm in the winter

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A Winter Wonderland

As you can see, last week it snowed at our house! When I saw in the morning that the white was still covering the ground, I ran around like a crazy woman trying to get myself put together to shoot a blog post. Snow is unpredictable here in Washington; we never know whether it will actually snow, whether the snow will stick, whether it will stay around, or whether the rain will wash it all away in five minutes. I was ecstatic when I finally got this outfit on, went outside, and found that it hadn’t begun to rain yet as the forecast was predicting.

Winter Wonderland |

Of course, by the end of this photoshoot, the rain had set in and I was scrambling to get detail shots. I covered my camera with a coat and just kept pushing because oh, this jacket!

I’ve had this gorgeous vintage marabou feather bolero (jacket? vest? coat?) for quite a while. When I was pregnant with Evie, a friend’s mom started to clean out her house and gave me about four bags of vintage. Most of it was far too small for me, her having been a size 2-4 when she wore all of those things, and me being a size 10 on a good day. Winter Wonderland | eyreeffect.comWinter Wonderland |

But amongst all of the beautiful and tiny vintage were several vintage furs.

Helene brought up the subject of vintage furs the other day, and I quite agree with her. While I am not an activist or vegan, I do think it’s a complete waste to make new furs when there are so many vintage ones out there. Why let a vintage fur rot away when what’s done is already done? I have no problem buying or wearing vintage fur, as I believe not only is it silly to protest wearing a 60 year old garment, but also the way things were made then were such an art form compared to the way things tend to be made today. This bolero is so meticulously put together and made to last!

Along with the gorgeous jacket, she also gave me these earwarmers, which are vintage rabbit fur ear warmers. And I can tell you right now: my whole self has never been warmer! There really is something to be said for vintage furs versus modern faux garments. As unpopular as it may be to say so, real fur is so much warmer and more worth wearing. I will be in search of more vintage furs for my winter wardrobe (nothing new, though! I am adamantly against new fur!) because it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit out and I came inside sweating!Winter Wonderland | eyreeffect.comWinter Wonderland |

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Staying warm in the winter can be especially challenging when you’re a vintage and dress lover. I have heard many complaints that fellow dress lovers generally give up in the winter, citing tights to be just not quite warm enough. And I’m here to share my tricks for keeping toasty when the weather outside is frightful (I couldn’t resist!)

First, double or triple layer your tights! I generally always wear at least two pairs of tights in the winter, plus a nice thick pair of socks if I’m in my boots (which is almost always.) This keeps my feet warm, my legs protected, and it adds some nice support besides! Sure, it’s a little trickier to use the bathroom when you’re so swaddled in nylon, but the warmth is unreal! I would even dare to say double and triple layer tights are warmer than jeans!Winter Wonderland |

Second, don’t forget to wear good undergarments. Thermals are nice, but even a good slip and a petticoat will keep you feeling super warm. I find that when I’m in double tights, socks, a slip, a petticoat, and a skirt, I rarely feel the cold winds.

Third, wear undershirts! This really has nothing to do with whether you’re wearing a dress or pants, but many people forget you can still add invisible layers when you’re dressed up. Unless your dress’s sleeves or neckline prevents it, just add another top beneath and you’ll be feeling much toastier. Winter Wonderland |

And, fourth, of course, wear a good, sturdy, thick jacket. I have three vintage coats — two of which are faux fur, one of which has a real fur collar — that keep me warmer than anything else I own. Once you add up the tights, the socks, the petticoat, the slip, the two tops, the skirt, a cardigan or a sweater, and a jacket, you will feel nothing when the wind blows.

Add a scarf and a nice warm hat or ear-warmers, a good pair of gloves, and you’re set for almost any weather coming at you.Winter Wonderland | eyreeffect.comWinter Wonderland |

Of course, I do live in a milder climate, where our winters rarely dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit so of course I cannot attest to this working in every single climate all around the world. But I am willing to bet that all of these layering techniques combined could do just as good of a job combating mucky weather as your standard jeans and a coat could.

Often, when the weather is terrible, I’ll tote around my “pretty” shoes in my bag to put on upon arrival, and wear my rainboots until we’ve arrived at our destination. Not only does this keep my nicer shoes spotless, but it also allows me to walk around longer and keeps my feet super dry. Plus, my rainboots are floral. (as seen in my last post)

What do you do to stay warm?

Vintage bolero, gift (similar here and here and here) | skirt, self-made | tights, Target | boots, Amazon | earmuffs, gift (similar here and same here) | bag and gloves, vintage/thrifted (similar here and here and here) | Sweater, traded

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  • Aurè

    hello there…what a lovely post!…every photo is as nice as a painting and your outfit is stunning!….You’re such a great Artist of style !
    the photo Final-14-2.jpg is super nice & cheerful …cheers!
    happy festive season

  • Azeezat

    Hi Kristina. I love this post! The photgraphy is so beautiful, the colours really pop on the screen :).

    I’m not sure what 20 degrees farenheit’s equivalent is in celcius, but I definitely agree that once the weathwr starts to dip it’s all about layering under your clothes.

    Have a lovely day x

      • Azeezat

        :O That’s so cold!
        I didn’t want to leave the house when it was 1 degree ladt week. -6 is like ❄️❄️❄️❄️⛄️⛄️☃️❄️

        Wow! It really goes to show how effective layering is that you actually came back inside feeling sweaty, even though ypu were out in those temperatures xx

  • Modern Vintage

    Another delightful outfit. Just lovely! I sometimes double up on tights too, although I don’t think I have ever tripled up! But then it’s not usually so cold in the UK. On this subject, is there any limit to the fabulous ways you make red tights work? I only ever think of using them as a contrast with black or another block colour. Kx

    • The Eyre Effect

      Thank you! It doesn’t get super cold here either, comparatively, but cold enough that I have tripled my tights every once in a while!

      I use red tights with almost anything, haha! The red pair of tights I own are the nicest ones as well, so I try to work them with all of the things.

  • SaraLily

    As I type this comment, it is 9 degrees F in good ol’ Massachusetts. EEK! It’s the coldest day we’ve had yet – it sure does feel like winter now!

    Words cannot express how much I LOVE these photos and this outfit. I want to just put you in my pocket and carry you around with me (ok that was creepy).

    I cringe when I think of layering tights, though. Wearing even 1 pair of tights can cause a ruckus on our ladybits if worn too often (sorry for getting personal?). You gotta let these areas have breathing room, so, though toasty sounding, I don’t think I’ll ever try more than 1 pair. The thought is making me shudder haha!

    • The Eyre Effect

      Y’know, doubling up tights doesn’t bother me. If they’re the correct size they don’t actually feel too restrictive or cause much of a ruckus. And most of the time I wear double layer tights for a max of about 4 hours, so y’know. 😀 TMI SARA TMI (jk)

      You’re such a creep. I love you. 😀